Timmy recolonises Bangladesh

Bangladesh being the country of 700 rivers I asked to be taken to see a river. That’s dry season there, during the Monsoon the river rises a bit. A wee bit. Like to the level of the road and electricity poles a hundred yards behind me. The other bank of the river is some 300 yards to my front when in full spate. Err, the river in spate, not me.

14 thoughts on “Timmy recolonises Bangladesh”

  1. Arghh!

    For a moment I thought I was looking at the former Minister (More like a glorified Greater Manchester Councillor as there are only 2.5 million of us and we have 3 provincial governments as well) for the Economy of the Basque Government!

    Then I realised that the guy in the photo actually knows more about economics.

  2. Fine – I did make sure to use only the bottled water, even for coffee and teeth brushing. Food was more mildly spiced than Brit curry houses too.

  3. I did have a Panama hat with me which drew admiring glances (or possible “What is that idiot wearing?” comments). And I am thinking of investing in a solar topee if I ever go back (rather possible).

  4. A couple of very attractive girls were spotted. But it is a Muslim country, extra marital fun and games are uncommon outside the (thriving) commercial sector.

  5. You could’ve ironed your bloody shirt! Don’t suppose Clive would have been seen dead in public outside immaculate linen. Standards, man, standards.

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