Well done Spud, well done Sirrah!

Trade is falling and the UK’s set to make things so much harder for itself

The World Bank published a new survey of world trade yesterday which included this chart

That World Bank report stating that world trade grew 1.9%. Which is a slower growth rate than before but not in fact a fall in trade.

Would you allow the Spud to drive a car when he cannot distinguish between acceleration and speed?

10 thoughts on “Well done Spud, well done Sirrah!”

  1. “Would you allow the Spud to drive a car when he cannot distinguish between acceleration and speed?”

    The great man is a Professor. He tells us he reads a lot of academic papers now. He’s never written any (or probably understood any), but he’s a Professor don’t you know!

  2. I’m reminded of a story my dad told me when he was made a Prof (a proper one, not a Murphy one).

    He told me of a chap he knew who’d waited years to become a professor. One day he got the letter confirming his title, and he grabbed his passport and write “Prof.” in front of his name.

    The next week he was stopped at Immigration in China and held for 8 hours for amending his travel documents.

  3. Spud’s apparently unicellular brain often struggles to make (or remember) the most elementary distinctions — eg stock vs flow, debt vs deficit — and then he accuses anyone who corrects him of “pedantry”.

  4. The difference between acceleration and speed is the reason cars have brakes. If reducing acceleration slowed the car down you probably wouldn’t need brakes.

    And it would be a very strange ride too, not to mention not particularly fuel-efficient.

  5. This is much like the people who complain of a budget “cut” when what actually happened is that the budget increased by less than what was previously promised.

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