What a bugger, eh?

Anton, who has been put back on his schizophrenia medication, travelled through at least 10 countries from Canada, including the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil – all without a passport and with little more than the clothes on his back.

His brother said he had one bizarre mission; to get to the National Library of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Tragically, when he finally made it to the library, after walking thousands of miles, he was turned away because he didn’t have any identification. So he turned around and began his trek into Brazil where he would eventually be found.

I dunno about tragically. That’s the one bit of it that makes the entire story.

12 thoughts on “What a bugger, eh?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The question is how much he suffered on the way. In its way it is a heroic throw back to an earlier period of exploration. In another way it is a sign of how the vulnerable can disappear – and he is lucky he was not brutalised or murdered.

    I wonder if he was interested in the library because of Borges?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Pat – “Does say a lot about the effectiveness of border control.”

    Does say a lot about the effectiveness of Latin American border control.

    Although I doubt Britain would be any better. Try that in a decent country like Hungary though.

  3. Traveling from Panama to Colombia via land is very difficult – it is a jungle and very dangerous – drug dealers do it and it is a jungle. He is lucky to be alive.

  4. First thing we need then is to hire Argentinian librarians to man our NHS hospitals and GP surgeries to check for foreign nationals without any right to have free treatment as apparently our doctors and nurses are too fvcking thick or lazy to be able to do this, even on the huge salaries that our GPS are paid.

  5. He should have headed for a British library. They are places where tramps are welcome, and no-one ever checks your ID.

  6. He should have headed for a British library.

    As long as he didn’t mind the noise. If he did, he should try the local market next door to the dual carriageway, probably quieter.

  7. “He should have headed for a British library.”
    Walking on water, presumably. Maybe he’s not that mad.

    Also, no mention of crossing El Salvador. So, again, not all that mad.

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