What damages?

A Frenchman sued Uber for $48 million. A telltale app glitch, says he, made his wife suspect he was cheating.

How can there be damages over the idea that a Frenchman cheats on his wife?

8 thoughts on “What damages?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It ain’t the cheatin’, it is the catchin’.

    Besides, I think Hollande suffered when he was caught cheating. He looked foolish. He lacked gravitas. I think his career died on the back of the moped and never recovered.

    So it can happen.

  2. Although his wife determined that he was cheating, the man and his attorney laid the blame squarely on Uber.

    Surely not because Uber has hundreds of millions of dollars and his wife doesn’t?

  3. I read this story yesterday. Seems that the divorce settlement might be quite substantial, hence the sueball.

    But yeah – Frenchman cheats, quelle surprise.

  4. Flaunting the fact that you have mistress is almost a requirement for French President. I don’t honest remember the last French President that didn’t have a publically acknowledge one.

  5. BigFire, Mitterrand’s mistress was publicly acknowledged only after his death, although I think she was a fairly open secret long before that.

    They’ve got this rather civilised routine called ‘le cinq a sept ‘, basically the two hours towards the end of the working day when faithless spouses frequent hotels for some nookie.

  6. Well it’s also the country that took August off. If you’re a sick elderly person in France, don’t get sick on that month. With the added power outage, it may be weeks before people found your body in the sweltering apartment.

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