Worse, perhaps they could turn out to be waaacists

Streets should no longer be named after local heroes because they might one day be named as paedophiles, according to official guidance.

Councils have been told that places should not be named after individuals – including fallen soldiers – in case they are later linked to “inappropriate activities”.

It comes after hundreds of streets, footpaths and plaques named after Jimmy Savile had to be altered when the star was exposed as a child abuser.

Hmm, so what do we call that bit of London where the tailors hang out now?

26 thoughts on “Worse, perhaps they could turn out to be waaacists”

  1. Never name a street or building after someone who is still alive.

    Not a bad idea to wait a couple of decades once they’ve died.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Savile has not, of course, been exposed as a child abuser. He has simply had his estate plundered by lawyers working for people claiming he was a child abuser. The police investigated him numerous times and found no evidence of wrong-doing.

    Besides, so what if we name a street after a child molestor? There is a statue of Nelson Mandela outside Parliament House and he was a proud Communist who came to power by lynching over ten thousand people in a particularly cruel and public way – burning them alive. If we honour him, there is nothing wrong with honouring even Gary Glitter.

  3. Saville is a bad example anyway. Anyone with a brain knew he was a wrong un anyway. That streets etc were named after him just shows how fucking stupid the people who name streets or whatever really are.

  4. I expect foreign ‘heroes’ are fine though.

    Councils have been told that places should not be named after individuals – including fallen soldiers – in case they are later linked to “inappropriate activities”.

    Coz soldiers, especially those who died in battle, are always up to that sort of stuff, aren’t they?

    The risk is completely negligible, the cost next to fuck all. My money is on a bunch of clueless Progressive cunts scratching their heads and saying “who were all these dead white people anyway?”

  5. Bureaucracy has with this effectively declared that everyone is a child abuser. Thanks a bunch. Can’t be too careful.

  6. Councils have also been asked to ban the word “the” from all new place names, on the grounds that it causes confusion and lengthy delays for the emergency services.

    Response teams have complained that vital seconds are apparently being lost attempting to clarify if someone lives at, for example, “17 The Avenue” or “17 Avenue”.

    So it’s not because for some reason lots of foreigners wouldn’t know the definite article (or any fucking article) if it came up and kicked them in the balls?

  7. It is very highly likely that Savile was not a child —or any other kind of —molester. In 25 years– after the marxi-fem inspired panic/hysteria has cooled he will likely be exonerated. The evidence against him is more shite than you could collect from 10,000 fields occupied by sheep and cows in daily rotation for a year. Not to mention passing busloads of caught-short criminal underclass daytrippers. In India.

    This street-name malarkey is one of the most vile and insulting ever fronted by CM scum.

  8. At least this would prevent London streets and council estates being named after trade unionists and immigrant criminals.

  9. I’ve just found out (thanx Google) that the street my house is in is named after a famous matador, from the middle years of the last century.. In fact, I seem to be living in a district dedicated to celebrating famous bullfighters in street namings.
    The chances of animal rights activists making their views known around here approach zero. It’s one thing I like about living here. The almost total Spanish ignorance of PC. The majority of Spanish streets are named after someone and, with the singular exemption of those the Francoists imposed, will continue to be named after that someone. By the law of averages, no doubt a lot of them had chequered pasts. But there’s a refreshing air of “so what?”

  10. There were 2 police situations involving Savile. One involved someone going to the police because a friend of hers had told her that Savile put her hand on his crotch (while wearing trousers) with words to the effect of ‘we will have some fun when you are 16’. So, sounds like even he knew where the lines were (the girl herself did not complain). Oh, and the Nolan sister. So, maybe a bit of a perv.

    And I’m not saying he wasnt a git. But he also did do a ton of work for charity.

    What’s important to remember is that Saviles reputation for trashed because he was uncool. John Peel actually raped underages girls…

  11. I’ve always regarded this as an argument for not chosing unusual names for kids. If you call your son Digby Jones and twenty years later a Digby Smith becomes the most notorious and cruelserial killer , then the first thought in the minds of everyone who meets your son for the first time is not a very auspicious one. Call them Jack and that connection is not made.

  12. If it’m stops the ugly practice of naming roads things like (former councillor/’community leader’) Brenda Ramsbottom Way I’m all for it.

  13. My street was named after and English nobleman who died in a Roses battle, so obviously a nonce.

    Let’s change it to Pol Pot Way.

  14. Jack the Hat was a loser. If he’d beaten both the Krays to death single-handed in a straight fight he’d be worth naming a street after.

  15. Coz soldiers, especially those who died in battle, are always up to that sort of stuff, aren’t they?

    Isn’t it well known that Red Army soldiers committed quite a lot of rapes when they entered Berlin?

    And what about all those third-world soldiers working as blue-helmets?

    It’s been well over 15 years since 9/11, and the continued military fetishism baffles me.

  16. Witchie
    Jack (the Hat) McVitie
    Jack the Ripper
    Any more?

    Doesn’t matter if there are more. If its a popular name (and Jack is/was – no one caught the whitechapel murderer hence a generic name was used) , its not going to be the sole association that someone has with your offspring.

  17. I recall that there was a “Jack the Ripper” pub in the east end of London but it had to change its name because “wimmin”.

  18. Hallowed Be

    You missed the point. It wasn’t as serious as you took it. There’s probably a crim with any name you care to choose. Betcha Jack the Lad was a sexist, Springheel Jack was probably an alien, Jack Spratt couldn’t eat fat because his fat-eating wife was a greedy bitch and it was an early case of domestic violence, Car Jack is uplifting, Black Jack and Yellow Jack could be racial slurs, and I’m not getting Captain Jack Sparrow’s tweets.

    So of course there is always someone with a related name. It’s worse if forenames and surnames are the same: Peter Sutcliffe anyone?

    By the way, do you know Jack Schidt?.

  19. A couple of years ago, a memorial to Barnes Wallis and the Dam Busters was unveiled in Herne Bay, Kent.

    Horror! The plaque remembered the “infamous Dam Busters” rather than “famous”, and no one had noticed. It was taken away and replaced a week later.

    The few surviving old pilots present were probably amused and chuffed in equal measure, and I do wish they’d left it alone.

  20. Witchie – Yup your point well and truly missed. I only responded because i thought you may have missed mine.

  21. I’m quite sure this will be interpreted to mean no people from the right. Those on the left are of course, beyond reproach.

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