Yes, yes it does

Why does the £5 note debate matter? Because it’s state power v minorities
Chas Newkey-Burden
The Bank keeping tallow, or beef fat, in the new fiver sends a message to vegans, as well as Hindus, Sikhs and Jains, that our values don’t matter

It says exactly that, your values do not matter to the rest of us.

Because that’s the way that a liberal polity works. We have to tolerate your nostrums, as you must tolerate ours. But we do not have to respect them, accord with them nor even organise society so as to make it easy for you to keep to them. Sure, on the no skin off my nose principle we’ll not deliberately make it difficult for you to keep to your desires. But equally we’re not going to bend over backwards to accommodate each and every view of the universe.

Tallow is near universally used in plastics. Including those plastic shoes you’re wearing in place of leather ones. Tough titty frankly. You’re right, your values aren’t important enough to us for us to try to find a substitute for half a cow’s worth of tallow in the nation’s banknotes.

Tant pis, eh?

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  1. I know they can’t help themselves, but the propensity of political activists to whine about the tiniest things being akin to a progrom against them really does them no good at all. Normal, sane people just think “what are those whiny cunts on about now?”, realise how completely FUCKING TRIVIAL the issue is and then, if they ever are truly threatened (the probability being 0.0000000000001) the public are just going to shrug and assume it’s another coordinated wolf crying session.

  2. Chas Newkey-Burden

    You just knew they were a cunt just from the name and the location (the Guardian).

    Looking at him, you would NEVER BELIEVE he was a vegan Guardian writer. Amazed.

  3. All true. Couldn’t care less about the weird taboos of assorted religions whose believers we could well do without.

    But that POS plastic fiver is the nastiest piece of crap ever to offend the senses. That such a piece of garbage has become the tender of the Realm shows the contempt the scum of the state–both ZaNu and BluLabour–have for this country’s history and traditions.

    Bring back the old fivers and fuck wear and tear or whatever other cockrot has been used to justify this plastic monopoly money.

  4. Chas Newley-Burden wouldn’t give a toss if Christian English carnivores were protesting about a soupçon of garlic in the notes.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    Mr Ecks wants the State to waste money?

    I’ll add that to my growing evidence that I’ve woken up in a parallel universe.

  6. BiND–The physical presence of cash should reflect the great importance of its place and function. Money –in a sense–creates and makes possible the operation of a society. It is worth spending some to ensure the respect and dignity that cash deserves by virtue of its importance to all of us.

    Some sack of political/bureaucratic turds who think Toytown notes are OK cos they save a few bob on wear and tear need the living shit beating out of them.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    The Bank keeping tallow, or beef fat, in the new fiver sends a message to vegans, as well as Hindus, Sikhs and Jains, that our values don’t matter

    Look, in general the minority has to bow to the will of the majority in a democratic society. However in a liberal democratic society we ought to make as much allowance for others as possible – especially for their deeply held beliefs.

    So vegans can f** k right off, but if Hindus, Sikhs and Jains are offended by the use of beef products in the money, well, they are basically decent enough chaps who don’t blow themselves up on the Tube, so I am happy to make an allowance. It wouldn’t cost much to replace the tallow so I see no reason why we shouldn’t.

    I am sure pig fat would do just as well and would be a perfect substitute.

  8. Mr Ecks has made his views very clear indeed. And just as the state has indicated clearly it doesn’t give a toss for the sebsibilities of those minorities, so it doesn’t give a toss for Eks.

    All seems fair enough then really

  9. To be fair, Mr Ecks, if the State really was to give money the status you describe, would the best answer really be to print it on a bit of paper?
    Perhaps we could have a specially designed material that would give the money some physical distinction from any old scrap of notebook and provide better endurance than chip wrappings? Maybe containing a bit of beef?

  10. The state doesn’t give a toss for anyone except itself Tinribs.

    What’s your point –apart from the one on your head?

  11. SMFS,

    why not use human fat, about 10,000 litres of the stuff is lippoed from lardy arses every year in the UK, which groups could object to that ?

  12. So Much For Subtlety

    BobRorcket – “why not use human fat, about 10,000 litres of the stuff is lippoed from lardy arses every year in the UK, which groups could object to that ?”

    Women slap refined aborted foetus on their skins so in theory you are right.

  13. My point, Ecksy old chap, is that I think you’re being a bit of a crusty Luddite about this. You don’t like it just because it’s new and different, that’s all.

  14. The dignity –if you like–of cash has nothing to do with the pretensions of the state. Even with the states scummy “War on Cash” cash will always exist.

    At the moment the state claims the monopoly of cash–as with so many things–and we have a tradition in the West of money being accorded appropriate respect.

    The coins of my youth meant something to me. I remember the 9d my Mam gave me as bus money to get to school. It had a gravitas that the Toytown fiver doesn’t. The Toytown says–nay screams–“UK state-run socialist shithole 2017”.

    I hope to live long enough to see private, gold-backed currency in wide circulation in place of state scrip. I would expect such notes to be of fine design and quality. Not a cheap, recycled washing-up bottle feel and a Monopoly money size.

  15. I quite like the new plastic fivers, ever since I found one fluttering in the hedgerow outside my house………a paper one would have disintegrated to mush.

    On the subject of respecting minority wishes, can a put in a plea not to have to pay so much tax? As a wealthy individual I feel totally disrespected by the majority’s decision to make me pay more taxes than them.

  16. Mr Ecks,

    I remember the farthing, ha’penny, penny, thru’penny bit, sixpence, shilling, florin and half-crown but I have no knowledge of this 9d coin you used for your bus fare.

    The problem with the plastic fiver is that you cannot tell a fake one by feel alone which is how you detect fake notes when you are counting bundles of them by hand.
    Fake coins are easily detected by the sound they make when you throw them in the till drawer.

  17. Very hard to preach tolerance when you won’t tolerate even the minutest of concentrations. Extra martyr points are on offer, take them and be righteously gratified.

    Chas’s pleading wasn’t all bad though. She objected to farm subsidies.

  18. Paul Rain,

    Hitler was a vegetarian weirdo!

    Godwin’s Second Law in action (the first is mentioning AH in the first place).

  19. These vegetarian weirdos. If Hitler came back, they would be first up against the wall.

    I doubt he is coming back. He’s been dead for 72 years.

  20. Ninepence was the word we would have used. Not 9d–I only use that to distinguish from the decimalised crap.

    I hope that bastard Heath is in Hell if there be any such place. He deserves it the treasonous twat.

  21. Those who do not like the new note do not have to use them in a personal capacity.
    Use cards instead to pay for things. Go in the bank and ask for money in coins where cash is needed.
    They can get round the issue.

    In the same way they get round the animal products issue in other things they come across.

    That’s in their personal life. In their work life there is no excuse. Accept cash in a café or give the food away for free. Accept that certain jobs will involve things you do not want to do in a personal capacity and get on with it.

  22. Ecksy is nuts. Truly nuts. He wants private cash and doesn’t even realise he lives in a country with private cash from half a dozen banks in circulation. There is a higher proportion of privately issued banknotes in the UK than anywhere else in the world except Hong Kong.

    But to ecksy of course it’s no good because most of it is jock and paddy money.

  23. BiW,

    Googling “what products contain tallow” the first item listed is:

    Plastic Bags. Many plastics, including shopping bags, contain “slip agents,” which reduce the friction in the material. …
    Car and bike tires. …
    Glue in wood work and musical instruments. …
    Biofuels. …
    Fireworks. …
    Fabric softener. …
    Shampoo and conditioner. …
    Brown and White sugar.

    Captain Fatty

  24. If you are going to talk out of your arse Biggie you had better at least make sure you are turned the right way round.

    Did private banks ordain the creation of the £5 plastic shin-plaster or did the Royal Mint commission it? Do private UK banks issue their own gold backed currency in competition with the states currency?

    WTF have the Scottish/Irish got to do with the plastic fiver? Or anything whatsoever?

    Are you alright? Has Merkel’s mind control program finally caused you to finally lose control to your inner cuck?

    Like I care.

  25. Bloke in Wales – yes I know its plastic. It appears many of those complaining about the notes do not understand what goes into the things they are willing to use…
    Not sure in a modern society they can entirely avoid these animal products. Can understand (even if not doing myself) about not utilising the food or skins of animals. Though PETA have complained about Games Workshop showing model soldier wearing fur…. which is another idiotic cause of the deranged…
    But to entirely avoid all animal contamination? Harder than it seems.

  26. The sanctimony of these people is fucking overwhelming. Does being vegan cause it, or are sanctimonious narcissistic wankers more likely to be vegan? Everything, literally everything, is about them.

  27. Rob – I think the latter. Sanctimonious narcissistic wankers are more likely to need “a cause” to attach themselves to, and that can be used to browbeat and hector others, and to scream “look at MEEEEEE.” Hence most vegans, BLMs, Julie Bindel, and Ritchie.
    Of course, you already knew that, right?

  28. “Pretty sure the Clydesdale bank fiver was plastic long before the bank of England’s.”

    Didn’t know that Biggie. Never seen one and it doesn’t matter anyway. The silly sons of bitches have lots of sources for their bad ideas. They could have got the idea from reading their tea leaves for all I know or care.

  29. They had to go to plastic thanks to the amazing quality of modern scanners and printers. The same reason passports are increasingly plastic.

    I like them because they are easier to get to lie flat in my wallet, but increasingly I never use them, with credit cards and bank payments taking over.

  30. They have an annoying habit of clinging to my phone as I pull it out of my pocket, and then detaching themselves and blowing away.

  31. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Rob, someone should make a sort of pouch or case that you could put banknotes (and maybe even credit cards) in so that you didn’t have to stuff them in your pocket. I bet it would be all the rage.

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