CEBR obvious have a more interesting dating life than the rest of us

Britons spend £129 on going on a date typically – more than twice as much as their counterparts in countries such as France and Italy, research has found.
The average amount, which is the total spent by both people going on the date, covers costs such as transport, clothes, cosmetics, entertainment and food and drink.

Hmm, OK.

And here is how the average cost of a date in the UK, at £129.30 adds up, according to the research:

Contraceptives, £4.70

Wait, what? The *average* date needs a fiver’s worth of contraceptives?

Admittedly, it’s a long time since I tried going out on the pull but that sounds a great deal more exciting than anything I did ever do.

14 thoughts on “CEBR obvious have a more interesting dating life than the rest of us”

  1. Mal Reynolds (Serenity)

    Yeaah… no. In an age of tinder my dates cost the price of two drinks (six if I reckon I’ll get lucky). Condoms? Sure but I don’t buy a pack for every date. I do not buy clothes for dates, normally schedule them after work so I am still in a suit. Anyone who spends more money than this to get laid is a chump.

  2. £4.70 is a ten-pack, right? Not likely to be entirely consumed on one date.

    But I suspect that they’re attributing the cost of a bottle of mascara, a tub of foundation etc. to the total cost… Even if it would be amortised over multiple dates.

  3. Anyone who spends more money than this to get laid is a chump.

    Indeed. The alphas and greater betas aren’t spending much, but the average is being driven up by the lesser betas and omegas who are now old enough to have money and think splashing out on a woman will get him laid because they’ve seen rock stars get laid and they think this is how it’ll work.

    People may laugh at such shows as Say Yes to the Dress, but it’s an interesting insight into human psychology.

  4. I remember when the university condom machine went from £1 for a pack of three to £1 for a pack of two, to £2 for a pack of three, so by the rules of inflation I wouldn’t be surprised if 2x£2 is today’s price.

  5. You can get a nice date with a teenage Roma tart in Sheffield, culminating in unprotected sex for three quid, according to my sources.

    RoPper gangs in Rotherham probably reckon that’s overcharging …

  6. £130 is nothing, just a quick pub lunch for two will set you back the best part of forty quid, an impromptu day out at Alton Towers is £100 for two (and that doesn’t include food/travel/refreshments).
    You wouldn’t get much change out of £90 for reasonable meal in a restaurant, throw in another £30 for a movie and £10 for a taxi and the budget is already blown.

    If I invite someone out then I expect to pay, when a supplier, customer, or potential mate invites me out, they pay.

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