Does the SNP appoint peers?

But that’s not why Nicola Sturgeon has undoubtedly earned the title. She’s there because she stands head and shoulders above all else in the field. Partly that’s because she leads a pretty united party in a parliament that seems to go about its business in a much better way than Westminster. And it’s because her team at Westminster are, without doubt, the most able group in parliament, partly because almost all of them have real world experience way beyond the political sphere, which is now so rare elsewhere. And they use that skill extremely effectively.

Guess who?

In that case, and given that the future of the UK is in doubt, the question of who the two most powerful politicians in the UK might be is clearly answered by May and Sturgeon. But if you asked who is the most powerful, and wholly appropriately considered that answer in the context of whether or not there is a Union, then May might come second.

As I understand it Widmerpool did actually have some talent.

30 thoughts on “Does the SNP appoint peers?”

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  2. What an odious little turd.

    Still, start the stopwatch to time how long it takes for him to lose his rag and slag them off.

  3. I like porridge. I like its taste with a bit of sugar. I say this because I know where this conversation is headed – discussions on licking the arses of Scottish leaders can only end up there.

    So just don’t!

  4. ” in a parliament that seems to go about its business in a much better way than Westminster.”

    I really don’t think so. One of the strengths of Westminster is the committee system, where cross party scrutiny gets a lot done. As the SNP MSPs are forbidden from criticising their leadership or policies, the committee system here is near pointless. There’s no such thing as an SNP backbencher.

  5. He seems to want to claim that the expenses issue means the Tory government is not legitimate and so can’t trigger article 50.

    Does he also claim all the budgets are illegitimate so everyone gets their income tax back? Or is it just laws Ritchie doesn’t like that he wants overturning?

  6. What an unctuous little shit Murphy is.

    The SNP is ‘united’ in WM because they all agree not to criticise each other or the SNP. They’re zombies.

    The quality of SNP pols is low even by comparison with other politicians. Sturgeon is a bitter, failed lawyer running a glorified county council and whose popularity is plummeting. Salmond a gambler and chancer who lost. The rest are egotists (Robertson), bullies (Nicholson), idiots (Wishart, MacNeill), thugs (Black), chancers (Sheik-Ahmed) or nepotists (Wilson).

    Two of them (Thompson & MacGarry) are suspended for financial irregularities.

    Utter pondlife on a par with their scumbag racist supporters.

  7. As the SNP seems to be in favour of spending other peoples money (through the Barnet formula) rather than locally raising taxes which they have the power to do , The Spudotollah’s war cry of MOAR TAX must surely go down like a lead balloon. No Cross os St Andrew for wee spud.

  8. As the SNP MSPs are forbidden from criticising their leadership or policies

    That’s presumably why he thinks it’s a better system than Westminster.

  9. I asked Murphy this morning if he was after a job or if McDonnell hadn’t forgiven him yet. He deleted my comment. How ridiculously sensitive can you get?

  10. Murph seems as gormlessly ignorant of Holyrood as he was of the Scottish Governent accounts until he jerked his knee in that direction.

  11. “almost all of them have real world experience way beyond the political sphere”

    Not including the twenty-year-old I suppose?

  12. Rocco: you’ll have a job casting the leading lady to attract more than, shall I say, a specialist audience!

  13. Shows just how clueless Ritchie is if he is angling for a role with the SNP. Ain’t ever gonna happen.

    Firstly, Swinney and Salmond (the economic brains of the SNP) may be lying opportunistic chancers but neither of them are stupid. They can see through Ritchie’s nonsense and they won’t let him near them.

    Secondly, the top of the SNP is very closed: they don’t like outsiders, especially ones from south of the border who can easily be tied to Labour.

    Thirdly (I’m starting to sound like Spud himself here), the SNP still has enough lustre to attract real economists to either work with them or to support their work. Calling on the services of a small town accountant isn’t needed until they really hit the skids.

    Far more likely is for him to turn up helping the Scottish Greens. That way he still gets to try to capture some of any referendum spotlight.

    Also, as I predicted, the mentalist cybernats are rushing to praise him after his fight with Kevin Hague. Seeing lots of comments about “the dog food salesman got telt by a real economist”.

  14. Bloke in North Dorset

    “What an odious little turd.”


    Dr Cromarty,

    You missed John Swinney. He was on Today this morning and what a windbag he his, he makes Neil Kinnock appear concise.

    On the subject of the neverendum, its gone nuclear very quickly with Sturgeon making comparisons of May to Thatcher if she doesn’t give in. If only!

  15. Murphy is so deliciously shallow and transparent. I would love to know that the odious fat fvck was going to roll up here to curry favour with the SNPee so I could egg him.

  16. As brown-nosing goes, he’s so far beyond Sturgeon’s anal sphincter as to be brushing her teeth!

  17. I have to wonder – the Scots having a go at the PM may boost Theresa’s approval ratings. If she is annoying Mrs Krankie then must be doing something right.

  18. I can’t decide is she very clever and this is a shakedown operation to get more out of Westminster or just a totally naive stupid egoist caught up in their own hype, in the second case her and Murphy should be a good match

  19. “almost all of them have real world experience way beyond the political sphere”

    Wishart was keyboard playing with tedious ScotRock combo Runrig, so there is that

  20. @Dr Cromarty:

    Whilst not working as a living Picasso painting, Tommy Sheperd ran a comedy club: good training for the band of clowns he’s tied up with.

  21. @Pcar

    TA-S is on her third party having been a Tory candidate and a Labour Party member.

    That money was probably just ‘resting’ in that account

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