Here’s what I want to know.

D. Trump has a degree in economics from Wharton.

Who in buggery was teaching economics at Wharton in 1966-8?

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  1. He’s just like Murphy – “I know more than the teachers so if what they taught disagreed with me, they must have been wrong.”

  2. Lawrence Klein seems to have been there around that time. A former Communist and Keynesian who thought that economies could be predicted with modelling.

    Also George Taylor (inventor of the Hemline Index, that ladies dresses get shorter in recessions) was still lecturing there, although he’d actually retired in ’64. He was a proponent of unionised collective bargaining for public sector workers.

  3. Ah, home and breeding ground to commies and corporate fascists…

    Wharton is one of those American institutions which most Americans would, upon reflection, agree to have leveled immediately.

    After setting off the dynamite, I personally would happily salt the earth where it once stood.

  4. Business people want the state off their backs but they are not generally fans of free markets.

  5. There is presumably some important distinction between Brexit and Trump but what could it be?
    It is not lying about a degree,( Nutall) ,scapegoating immigrants, inventing rubbish ( Turkey not joined yet ….coo ), or telling idiots that everyone is ripping us off.
    It isn`t welcoming the support or the far right ( KKK/ BNP ) or conducting government like a fat little godlette in secret.

    It isn`t earning the loathing of respected figures from ‘their’ own Parties like Heseltine or McCain and it is not Free Trade, each being the most protectionist “thingy” anyone can remember.
    It is not cosying up to Putin or pretending to have simple answers to long term post-industrial problems.

    Admittedly Trump hassome sort of case. The USA is its own Free Trade area and arguably has been taken for a ride by its allies, perhaps a better deal might be got from China …well its got some logic.
    Trump attacked illegal immigrants mostly and talked tosh on almost any subject

    Bexit has zero economic case and one anti-immigrant song it sung without ceasing , so it’s really a lot more dumb and bigoted if you look through the language .

    That must it ,Trump is comparatively Liberal coherent and tolerant.Phew ..that was really bugging me

  6. Confused Old Misfit

    Yes, and Tim wants a carbon tax. I want to know who in buggery failed to teach him chemistry and physics.

  7. Penn was a hotbed of mainline Keynesianism. To a certain extent, it still has that reputation versus other schools.

    Trump’s proposals are mainline Keynesian too. It’s just that Republicans treat that like it’s a swear word.

    Focus on job numbers – Keynesian
    Interest in infrastructure investment – Keynesian
    Not cutting military – Keynes (if not Keynesian/Progressive)
    Not cutting veterans – Keynes (if not Keynesian/Progressive)
    Focus on cutting tax revenue not rates – Keynesian

    If anything, one issue is that Democratic/Progressive politics has gone a little beyond the Keynesian paradigm, in that they make moral choice first (e.g., we don’t like the military) and then argue for spending the money elsewhere (which Keynes would have pointed out does not always work).

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