He’s not my favourite bloke really

Tu Quoque Is The Correct Response To Robert Reich’s Attack On Donald Trump

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  1. “Trump and his White House don’t argue on the merits. They attack the institutions that come up with facts and arguments they don’t like.”

    All in one paragraph. Rather than arguing merits, Reich attacks the institution.

  2. Tim, you’re being unfair to Robert Reich. The numbers published by an outfit such as the CBO range from census and survey data to estimates that are so model-dependent as to be virtually ex ano. An extreme example from the same country is the St Louis Fed, which is responsible for some of the best macroeconomic data there is and IMO some of the worst macroeconomic research. When Reich praises the reliability of the CBO’s data while disagreeing with some of its predictions, he’s not being inconsistent or doing anything naughty. I think he’s wrong about the minimum wage, but that’s a different issue.

  3. Nick>

    What Third is up to is _always_ something naughty. You may be able to claim some particular point he’s made isn’t as dishonest as his usual, but it’s still selected by him solely for its value in furthering his plan to ethnically cleanse the world – to him it’s only about how effective a propaganda point it’ll be, truth isn’t even a consideration for a moment, in its own right.

  4. NickinNeuch

    The problem for your argument is that Reich is relying on CBO forecasts of the costs and coverage of the Republican replacement for Obamacare, which is exactly the same thing as the CBO forecasting the costs of the minimum wage. Reich is not relying on census data or other hard reliable data but instead the same basic type of forecast. Tim is totally fair about Reich.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    SMFS: the guy in that article says the dose from a banana is 1 μSv·h⁻¹. You can stop reading right there: he hasn’t got a fucking Scooby. He’s being touted by Instapundit et al. as some sort of level-headed authority when he is out by orders of magnitude. A microsievert per hour is about double normal background dose (roughly 4 mSv per annum). The actual Banana Equivalent Dose is ~100 nSv, but that’s meaningless since potassium doesn’t hang about in the body. It’s at a steady state of about 150-200g in a normal adult, the ⁴⁰K portion of which yields ~5 kBq of activity. If bananas were as radioactive as he said they’d be treated like radon buildups in basements. The guy doesn’t understand committed dose or potassium homoeostasis, so even if he is broadly correct in saying radiation fears are overwrought his poor grasp of the subject vitiates his argument.

  6. Good stuff today: “ex ano” and “vitiates”; also “Third”.

    But a disappointing shortage of new insults in the comments thread on Ragging on Ritchie. If it wouldn’t lead to confusion I’d suggest retitling those comments as Ragging on Reichie.

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