A Polish nationalist member of the European Parliament may be punished after he said women “must earn less than men because they are weaker, smaller and less intelligent”.
The parliament’s president is investigating whether Janusz Korwin-Mikke broke the body’s rules with his remarks to fellow MEPs.
The rules ban defamatory, racist or xenophobic language or behaviour.

Saying that the little darlin’s are weaker and smaller is true, on average, and a claim of less intelligence is not defamatory, racist nor xenophobic.

So what they mean is that we don’t like him saying that so we’ll have to find some excuse to punish him.

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  1. How is it not defamatory?

    One definition I found is: damaging the good reputation of someone; slanderous or libellous.

    Falsly accusing someone of being less intelligent seems to fit the description… Does defamatory only applies to individuals rather than groups?

  2. I think it probably would pass the definition of defamation but there would be no chance of suing as such cases (around the world) generally only succeed if a group being defamed is so small that an individual could claim that they could be easily identified from the statement.

    There is a defence of “it’s true”. Anyone got any data on average IQs or other intelligence tests? I suspect that any that point towards men being more intelligent are in hiding whilst any suggesting women are more intelligent are receiving maximum publicity in The Guardian and on the BBC.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    On the other hand a lot of them have nicer breasts. Which certainly must help redress the balance.

    They are looking at the wrong figure. Women’s earnings are irrelevant. The key measure is women’s spending. How much do women spend? Well it is something like 80-90% of household budgets for married couples.

    In other words men are working hard to hand over all their money to their wives who spend it on things they like.

    Which probably explains the income and the IQ results. Why bother knocking yourself out when you can marry some sucker and get him to knock himself out before he hands all his money over to you? IQ tests and hard jobs are for ugly girls who need to work. I believe the correct phrase is evolved parasitism.

  4. Free speech covers it. Unless he is making a false statement about a particular individual such as to constitute libel or slander.

  5. Dear Mr Worstall

    Good job he didn’t say they had the appearance of a low grade bank clerk or the charisma of a damp rag.


  6. We will know that women are equal when someone says, “they are weaker, smaller and less intelligent,” and they ignore it.

    The Ctrl-Left wants a political solution: “You can’t say that!” Their speaking up is proof that women are weaker, smaller and less intelligent.

  7. Another idiot who doesn’t understand what “earn” means. People earn what they earn. If they do less work or work of less value they earn less. Not because of what’s between their legs or in their heads, but because of what work they have done. Anybody is at complete liberty to earn more – just do more/do more of more value.

  8. @gamecock, that would be an excellent point, if the left wouldn’t immediately respond with accusations of patriarchy/white supremacy/islamophobia or whatever strawman-du-jour.

  9. II thought the accepted wisdom on IQ/Gender is that women tend to cluster around the mean (100) whereas men are much more spread to the extremes.

    hence the 140 IQ grand-masters and the 70% prison population.

  10. IQ testing indicates that women and men have similar average scores, but women have a lower standard deviation – fewer very high and low scores and more in the middle of the range. Pointing that out is what got Larry Summers chased out of Harvard by a torch and pitchfork wielding SJW mob.

  11. Women, especially when one is in a relationship with one, almost always seem more stupid than oneself. Right up until the moment one realises one has been outwitted by the gal in question.

    Ok, too many ‘ones’ ….

  12. So Much For Subtlety

    JerryC – “IQ testing indicates that women and men have similar average scores”

    Aren’t they normed to make sure that both have the same average of 100?

    In other news, presented without comment:


    In much the same way that feminist education scholars have shown, via discourse analysis, the incompatibility between femininity and mathematical achievement, both Walker and Stinson show the complex ways successful black mathematics students must accommodate, reconfigure or resist the discursive construction of a normative white, masculine mathematical subjectivity.

  13. Edward Lud, it doesn’t matter what male IQ is, they tend to think with the smaller head. Hence often outwitted.

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