How long I wonder, how long?

In The Guardian:

Economics blogger Tim Worstall has a good take on the German factory orders decline, on Forbes.

Yes, OK, but I started blogging about economics 13 years ago. Am I still a “blogger” after near a decade of making my living writing about economics all around the place, including The Guardian? Do I ever get upgraded to “freelance” or “journalist”?

Or is it like the courtesan who marries well, since she started out doing the knee tremblers behind the bike shed she is forever known as the knee trembler?

22 thoughts on “How long I wonder, how long?”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    I read that piece this morning and thought it quite nteresting but lacked a so what conclusion. The follow on should it be more than a blip is what likely impact on the Euro and EU economy in general?

    Whet Germany sneezes …….. and all that.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about it, Tim. After all, the kids on the Yokelbury Express are journalists. You wouldn’t swap with them.

    Perhaps, if you feel really bad about it, you could join the NUJ?

  3. As the admiral once said to Eva Peron: “I’m still called Admiral and Inhaven’t done that for a very long time”.

    I do sympathise though, it really is time they starting calling you an economist, or an academic, or a tax expert. Would ‘Professor’ suit you?

  4. A bored and uninterested count of the latest scroll-down of items on here shows: 5 attacks on the professional integrity of Murphy; 9 more detailed items on sex (including one about sheep) ;1 being spied on is good for you (couldn’t this have been made into a sex story?): 1 about typos !!!; 1 anti Guardian: 1 complaint that Mary Berry is being taken too seriously (matter of immense importance).
    I would have thought being considered an Economics blogger
    is generous on the evidence.

  5. Violet Elizabeth Reed, if you are looking for discourse on what passes for economics, you could always give your mate, the Murphatollah, a verbal fellating over at his blog.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out.

  6. ‘A bored and uninterested count of the latest scroll-down of items on here’

    Then why are you here?

  7. Martin O’Neill is on record as hating being called a ‘football pundit’, and wanting to be introduced as a ‘football analyst’. He’s back in management now so it doesn’t matter any more.

  8. Don’t often agree with Tim Newman, but he’s right here. Bloggers are more highly respected, more widely read, and much, much better remunerated than journalists.

    The going rate for a junior journalist ten years ago was minimum wage, and it’s actually gone down since then to interning in return for ‘reasonable travel expenses’. Apart from a handful of ‘stars’ like Polly, senior journos are on £30-40k a year. There’s a reason they all have second jobs.

  9. “Do you want the good opinion of scum like the Guardian Tim”

    As opposed to the ‘good opinion’ of a totalitarian loving cunt like you, Mr Ecks?

  10. Bloke in North Dorset


    If you’d been paying attention you’d know that Tim has moved his serious economics commentary to places where he gets paid and this blog is for poking fun at idiots like you.

  11. In order to attack someone’s professional integrity doesn’t that imply they actually have some in the first place?
    Murphy’s constant complaints and accusations of collusion with ‘tax evaders’ about the state of accounting and auditing are more akin to attacks on professional integrity than the posts highlighting his incompetence here.

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