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I like this idea

One Conservative backbencher, Peter Bone, was only half-heartedly dismissed by Theresa May when he claimed instead that the EU actually owes Britain £184bn, which is a full refund of its total net contributions since joining in 1973.

It’s not a very serious idea, sure, but I like it. Given that all that money has only been pissed away how about we extract it from the assets of those who did the pissing away? The entire political class of Europe into debt bondage for a century say?

OK, still only a fraction of the money but fun, eh?

3 thoughts on “I like this idea”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    They keep saying that the purpose of the EU is to stop the Germans invading France again. As if we should care. So it is time to present a bill for enabling that situation in the first place.

    What was the cost of the war from Normandy to Berlin?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I think I have a perfect slogan for the British position – if it wasn’t for Marlborough and Wellington, the Germans would be speaking French, if it wasn’t for Montgomery, the French would be speaking German, and if it wasn’t for the British Army on the Rhine both would be speaking Russian.

    They owe us.

  3. I guess quite a bit of that £184bn went into assets that still have value (like the amazing marble edifice that is La Gomera airport – for 2 flights a day). Value the assets & our fraction of them & then offset that against the £50bn (or whatever) that they are demanding from us.

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