I too like pictures of fit women

Nude Photo Posts of Female Marines Being Investigated by NCIS

8 thoughts on “I too like pictures of fit women”

  1. I wonder if the Chinese Navy has this problem, and what they think of the US Navy. Pissing themselves, I imagine.

    If Soros wasn’t funding most of the loonies the Chinese would.

  2. Nicki is the best of a bad line-up. The woman on her right (as we are looking at the photo) resembles a young Mick Jagger in drag and the woman on her left looks like the mother of the woman on her right.

    Next left again the woman appears to have adopted a “Yoko-Ono-Does-Terrorism” look.

    I hope the Marines efforts turned out better than this photo otherwise they have already had more punishment than a Court Martial could hand out.

  3. @Rob It’s great if you like the CSI / Cop show format.

    Unless you’re thinking Naked Chicks In Service, in which case you’ll be disappointed.

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