It’s important that these things get punished

Among missteps by the prosecution was the suppression of evidence that Bishop previously filed a false police report accusing another man of rape, according to court papers filed by Mitchell and other attorneys with Loyola Law School’s Project for the Innocent.

For non-prosecution of a false rape claim could lead to other claims being made, also potentially false:

Andrew Wilson, a broad smile on his face and no bitterness in his heart, clasped hands with his family on his first day of freedom on Thursday after spending 32 years in prison for a murder he denied committing.

She pointed particularly to a weeks-long delay before police began canvassing for suspects with Hanson’s girlfriend, Saladena Bishop, who was 17 at the time. Bishop was the prosecution’s only eyewitness.

Over to the feminists here.

16 thoughts on “It’s important that these things get punished”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Another hearing was set for May 3 to begin the process to determine whether he is factually innocent, which could lead to compensation claims. ”

    Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence? If the State can’t prove guilt through its incompetence it can’t shrug its shoulders and walk away. This guy’s had the best part of his life taken and deserves compensation for wrongful imprisonment.

  2. Agreed.The Ched Evans case was also chilling, and I am under the impression that the law has been subverted to a politicized feminist agenda. I am thinking of suggestions such as coaching juries to define consent in some way other than a simple yes”.
    It was more obvious in the States but I have an intestinal feeling that feminist dogma has played a much larger part in the rise of -International Reactionary Fascism than is acknowledged. The answer to your nasty divorce is not actually hating foreigners, but Brexit, Le Pen, Trump, and so on, all prey on resentments; some are real.
    Political correctness, and Western self-loathing come from American campus ultra-Liberals.Its a shame we have chosen to cut ourselves off form the much richer and nuanced social conservatism of our European tradition, to pursue an soulless empty future.

  3. And of course NewRemaia–middle-class, cultural Marxist BluLabour cucks–like you–have nothing in common with your “ultra-left” lets-sell-out-our-countries EU pals.

    You seem to think that the decent people of the West have a problem spotting brazen treachery like yours. The cultural marxist doctrines created by American leftist scum OWN your Eurotrash mates. They don’t go to the bog without cultural Marxism checks the roll. And now you think you can con us that you –and even more hilariously –your euro-mates are enemies of the left ?

    Your only future is in bad comedy. Preferably a one-male show at the Molenbeek Empire ” The Return of Captain Cuck”.

  4. Newmania. Right wing reactionary movements are as the word implies reacting to the over-reach of the left wing progressives. The happens when your leftie world view diverges from reality too much.

    Hopefully are more sensible balance will result but I don’t think the ultra feminists will willingly let go of the levers of power now.

  5. Newmania

    Confusing Europe with the EU yet again. Not sure of the reason.

    Some of us are old enough to remember when, in my case, Spain and the UK were not in the EU.

    I came to Spain originally under an agreement between the two countries. I didn’t realise then that we were cut off from Europe. If I had, I wouldn’t have come. But hell, I was a tender 21 year old. What the hell did I know?

  6. “Bishop previously filed a false police report accusing another man of rape…”

    Only very severe punishment will deter others…

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    So an eyewitness saw him stab her boyfriend but because she had filed a rape claim that was not proved in the past, he walks free?

    I am not convinced this is the strongest proof of his innocence. A problem with a former boyfriend in the past doesn’t mean she is likely to lie about her boyfriend being stabbed before her eyes.

  8. @SE if you’re making a bow to (or channelling in modern-speak) those gravy ads from yesteryear, should that be:

    Ahhhhhhh, Bismark


  9. “I am not convinced this is the strongest proof of his innocence. A problem with a former boyfriend in the past doesn’t mean she is likely to lie about her boyfriend being stabbed before her eyes.”

    I have to say I rather agree. Its hardly a slam dunk 100% proof he’s not guilty, rather a ‘well if this had been put to the jury at the time possibly he wouldn’t have been found guilty, so we better let him out now’ scenario.

  10. It’s an odd one that he was banged up for 32 years, isn’t it? I thought they all got out after a couple.

    Makes you wonder who the false rape claim was against, doesn’t it?

  11. If the only evidence against someone is an eye witness, then the credibility of that witness is a big issue, as the prosecution fully understood in suppressing her false rape allegation. It should be down to the jury to weigh this, not the prosecution. I would hope that in the UK that would have come to light but sadly I am really not at all sanguine about that nowadays.

  12. Among missteps by the prosecution

    Missteps? WTF are missteps? Did they walk on the cracks in the pavement on the way to the courthouse?

  13. “the much richer and nuanced social conservatism of our European tradition” Ahh, Bismarck.

    Maybe he means the Pope?

    Personally I’d prefer, say, the conservative/liberal views of Smith, Hume and Burke.

    Anyway, seen in historical perspective Bismarck wasn’t too bad. He wasn’t a megalomaniac, didn’t want to conquer and occupy lands with lots of non-Germans, and had the sound instinct that after three successful, limited wars it was time to stop and consolidate his gains peacefully. He was even against incorporating all of Alsace-Lorraine into the German Empire, though he was overruled on that point.

    His great folly was to write a constitution that was perfectly suited to himself as Chancellor and to the Kaiser of his day, but dangerous in other hands. Once the krauts had Kaiser Bill, and a sequence of chumps as Chancellor, they used his constitution to lead Europe to hell. I suppose you could argue that those chaps did constitute a rich and nuanced tradition; I’d prefer to say that they were reckless, aggressive fools. Such is life.

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