Not all that profitable this sex business, is it?

Or perhaps the life in an English provincial brothel:

Councillors in a market town are demanding to know why a brothel was allowed to continue for ten years after police were first tipped off.

Officers finally raided the “massage parlour” in Trowbridge, Wilts, as part of an operation led by the National Crime Agency into human trafficking.

We’d not expect anything particularly fascinating from Trowbridge of course but:

They found a punter with two middle-age English women who told him they were happy working at the sex den. The madame was traced as mother-of-two Marion Meyer-Smith, 49, who admitted running the brothel in the flat for 14 years.

So, happy workers and happy endings over a decade and a half. Diffucult to see why it needed to be raided really – checked, sure, for that trafficking that doesn’t really exist, for under age etc, but raided?

She raked in between £100 – £150 a week from the two sex workers, both of whom were working in their hometown.

Have we had some sudden burst of deflation or has “raking” rather changed in meaning? Running a brothel earns you part time barkeep wages these days does it?

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  1. Well with all due respect to middle aged English women and the men who enjoy them.. this particular establishment doesn’t seem to be dealing in anything likely to bring in much by way of price or volume.

    Assuming this is a cut of the gross, it sounds like beer money and lolz for all concerned. God knows why anyone would think it should be illegal.

  2. If the farce of Operation Pentameter did not prove to Plod the non-existence of sexual human trafficking then no exercise of logic ever will.

    These “raids” and other antics go on because CM feminist doctrine is still on the ascendant. Which that silly BluLabour cow May completely endorses. As per her “100,000 underage Viet girls being forced to work out of the UKs nail bars” cockrot clearly shows.

  3. Maritime Barbarian

    Not the first brothel to make the news in Trowbridge.
    Some years ago – when I lived there – a brothel was set up in a former Co-op funeral parlour near the parish church.
    The police shut it down but not before the press had reported it as follows:
    “Still plenty of stiffs at the Coop funeral parlour”.

  4. A friend of mine works for the probation service and was telling me about this case, as she had to deal with it. She said the girls in question were charging £160 for a blow job, which seemed extortionate to me (and her). I can only assume the girls were lying to the police, otherwise Trowbridge is considerably wealthier than I thought!

  5. How quaint. They should give it a quick refurb and reopen as Trowbridge Brothel & Tea Rooms.
    A bit niche, but we don’t want multinational chains like Tinder and Facebook on our High Streets.

  6. Extensive…ahem… research into the business has shown that, in reality, girls in it make about as much as they would do, doing any other job. The girl you see working the checkout in a supermarket would, if she went on the game, make about what a checkout girl in a supermarket makes. Top flight hookers make the sort of money front of house PR dollies, in demand photographic models etc make. Shrewd business women are on shrewd business women’s rates.
    In other words, all in all it’s just like any other business.
    So a brothel in Trowbridge clears about the same dosh as an off high street frockshop.
    Quelle surprise.

  7. I wonder if the establishment was in business while the police were occupying the building on the other side of the road (ca. 20m away) as a temporary police station ?

  8. Tomo: They were likely her finest patrons–apart from not wanting to pay of course.

    Copper’s discount innit?

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    bloke in spain – “Extensive…ahem… research into the business has shown that, in reality, girls in it make about as much as they would do, doing any other job.”

    Commonsense suggests that the social costs of working in this line means they would have to be paid more. Maybe not much more as the social disapproval declines. But girls who work at the check out do not get beaten by angry customers, do not face the risk of HIV or herpes and so on. Which also implies they should be paid more. The fact that they usually hide their profession from their family also suggests they are aware of these social costs.

    I do not doubt that in general you are right. In line with but slightly more, perhaps. But not exactly the same. Perhaps they are holding out on you? Under-reporting is another dangerous feature of this line of work I hear.

  10. One of the effects of the internet is that it’s lowered the transaction management costs.

    So, historically there were 3 ways to get some: street, massage parlour and escort agency. And those also correlated with price. Cheap skanky girls worked on the street. Nicer, prettier girls in parlours and the near models via agencies.

    Street work died out because cellphones and internet. No one wants to stand in the freezing cold if they don’t have to. And parlour work is dying out because of costs.

    The way parlours ran was like this: the girl handed over the massage money to the owner. So, £10-15. All above board, not profiting from prostitution. Then the girl kept the ‘extras’. Along comes the net and well, why pay £15 a time to someone when you can just operate from your flat and pay adultwork £5 a day.

    Of course, the effect of this is to squeeze the prices for the parlours that remain.

    On top of that, the ease of setup and lack of ‘fixed’ times has expanded the market. There are girls doing it occasionally. They don’t have to spend all evening at a parlour. They can just work the odd job.

  11. Actually, SMfS it’s less rather than more. They don’t go into the other jobs for reasons. Personal commitments like childcare responsibilities make it difficult to commit to regular, conventional workday hours. Their personalities/lifestyles make it hard to do likewise. And one thing I do know. The majority of them think they earn a lot more than they do. Ask one what she’s made last month & halve it & you’ll probably still be above the true figure. They kid themselves. The quality of a whore is gauged by how much they’re making. They reckon they’re good whores so they must be making good money. All their friends tell them THEY’RE making pots. And last week wasn’t as slow as this week. Or maybe that was the week before. Short attention spans.

  12. And the social costs are negligible. You got a daughter? Do you actually know what she does for a living? Sure? Positive?

  13. @ BiS

    “You got a daughter? Do you actually know what she does for a living? Sure? Positive?”

    As she’s six, I bloody hope she’s at the primary school her mum dropped her off at this morning, and not receiving long distance calls from Chuck Berry [/meta]

  14. Bloke in North Dorset

    There used to be a time when plod was the best judge of what to clamp down on. Something like this or underage drinking that was taking place in a controlled environment with no external harm was tolerated on the basis that if it was shut down it would happen in places that weren’t controlled and did have externalities.

    Hookers on streets tempting kerb crawlers to approach nine hookers or maybe in an underground brothel with shady pimps. Kids in parks getting pissed up on cheap booze with no adults around to say no more.

    More evidence of the rise of the intolerant, meddling, state apparatchik.

  15. You got a daughter? Do you actually know what she does for a living? Sure? Positive?

    Yes, unfortunately. She’s an SJW psychology academic.

    What was the song title?

    Ah, yes, “Don’t tell my mother …”

  16. In France, near Beziers airport, you still get the morning drop-off of girls from a white van in the morning. They stand by the side of the road accosting passing motorists just as they used to do in Bulgaria in the late 1990s. I haven’t been back to Bulgaria since then so I cannot comment if that is still the set-up or whether the allegedly diseased-but-pretty girls have been transferred to the RN that runs past Beziers airport

  17. Officers often visited the “massage parlour” in Trowbridge Edinbugh’s Torphicen Place which was across the road from the Police Station until it closed when owner retired.

    Edinburgh’s “massage parlours” have offered extras for >40 years. Better there than in a back-alley. The druggie prossies street walk stagger on non-residential road in Leith where the Leith Police monitor them.

    Best mate and I visited one on my 18th – his treat – “hand relief” was enjoyed.

    @Bloke in North Dorset, March 20, 2017 at 3:30 pm


  18. Can’t say I noticed last time I passed by Beziers, but connoisseurs heading down through Spain should opt for N11 from the frontier/Figueres/Girona rather than the peaje. There must be 30km of prime flank on that road.

  19. So Much For Subtlety

    bloke in spain – “Their personalities/lifestyles make it hard to do likewise. And one thing I do know. The majority of them think they earn a lot more than they do.”

    Well admittedly I did not consider the fact that they may be very very stupid.

    bloke in spain – “And the social costs are negligible. You got a daughter? Do you actually know what she does for a living? Sure? Positive?”

    Pretty sure. But that just proves my point. If prostitution did not carry a social cost women want to avoid I would know what she does for a living. She would tell me over toast and orange juice that she was off to work to blow truck drivers for a living. I don’t think many girls do that. Due to the social cost.

  20. Bloke in North Dorset

    In Germany on the road between Celle and Bergen Hohne the girls used to park camper vans just off the road in fire breaks. They would put a screen up so that punters could park their cars out of view and in summer the girls would sit in deck chairs in bikinis.

    All very orderly and civilised, as you would expect.

  21. There was a recent study published by someone at UBC in Vancouver where they asked why sex workers were working in that field, they found that 25% to a third (can’t remember exactly but around that) had not suffered any traumatic life event and were doing it though choice and because it was flexible and paid well for the hours involved, not sure what the distinguishing factor was for traumatic life events. Not suprisingly the conclusion was for this group letting them get on with things and just light regulation to protect them and clients was all you needed

  22. Bnic I would draw the line at the white van pimping though. Drop the girls on a road with no public transport and let them pay their way. That is trafficking and should be punished as long as the girls don’t suffer

  23. Yes, the point of the study was that there’s not one solution, for some people support, education and counselling to escape a way of life is needed, for some it’s not and they are better served by other solutions

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