Owen doesn’t exactly challenge stereotypes, does he?

The stereotype of the gay man as over excited drama queen isn’t exactly unusual:

Perhaps the Daily Mail should be sued for damaging people’s health? Across the nation, millions have cringed so hard at its audaciously sexist front page that they’ve strained their face muscles, or given themselves a migraine from slamming their heads repeatedly against the nearest wall.

It comes to something when this open sewer is still capable of shocking us with its stench. The newspaper’s decision to objectify the legs of the country’s most prominent female politicians – focusing on what they look like rather than what they stand for – represents one of its many lows. But while it should be mocked, parodied, ridiculed, it should terrify us: because it is indicative of what is happening in Brexit Britain.

This is about the front page of a majority female readership paper note:

For the rightwing Brexiters, this is a great national awakening, the resurrection of mighty Britannia. In truth, they want to turn this country into the drunk man at closing time, stumbling around yelling obscenities at everyone, leering at women and shouting racist abuse. Both the Brexiters and the Trumpists believe that their respective nations can be freed from the oppressive yoke of minority rights and feminism. So yes, mock and ridicule that front page. But above all else, be prepared to fight back – because the bigots are winning the battle for the country’s future, and that should terrify us all.

No, Owen’s not managing to fight the stereotype all that much, is he?

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  1. “The newspaper’s decision to objectify the legs of the country’s most prominent female politicians…”

    Twitter was happily reposting that ‘Guardian’ cartoon on Teresa May’s legs posed beneath Donald’s Trump’s legs all day yesterday, to rub in the stench of hypocrisy.

  2. The horror that a man might want to look at a woman’s legs–by reason of sexual interest in her. How fucking terrible. Although in the case of Britain’s poli-pork it does seem dubious. Even those with decent pins bring to mind this:


    And of course an even bigger shame about their morals and level of human decency.

  3. He’s taking a pounding BTL over there. Apparently the Guardian published an article a week ago all about how ugly Theresa May looks in her Vogue shoot! The continuing lack of self-awareness on the Left never ceases to amaze.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    It is almost as if there is something inherent and perhaps even genetic in being Gay. As if it is not a stereotype but an actual personality trait common to Gays generally. Dare I say it might be a disorder?

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    JuliaM – “*stifles incredibly filthy comment*”

    As Maxwell Smart would say “And loving it!”

  6. For some reason I’m reminded of an old Robin Williams line about the gay mafia (they come round and criticise the drapes.)

  7. The Inimitable Steve

    There’s nothing gay about him though, is there?

    Miserable, pasty-faced little socialist grinch that he is. He’s about as fun as bathroom mould.

  8. If you wanted to demonstrate this claim, you’d surely have to adduce some evidence that the Mail has actually got worse since the referendum, right?

  9. JuliaM makes a really good point.

    Imagine if you were Mrs May. Which one of these scenarios would you feel was a) more sexist and b) more deliberately offensive to you personally?

    Scenario 1: The newspaper which has most consistently supported you over your career, more than any other newspaper, and will almost certainly support you strongly at the next general election, publishes an article written by a woman saying you have nice legs.

    Scenario 2: The newspaper which has consistently published attack pieces against you, more than any other newspaper, and will almost certainly support opposing parties (led by men*) at the next general election, publishes a cartoon drawn by a man showing you being ****ed from behind by Donald Trump.

    If that’s too abstract in that it asks you to imagine you are Mrs May, try something similar for yourself. If you’re a woman working in a professional environment** for example, consider these two scenarios instead:

    Scenario 3: You wear a nice dress to a work party that’s ever so slightly more glamorous than what you might usually wear. The wife of one of your colleagues tells you how good you look.

    Scenario 4: A man at a rival firm whom you have never met, but know by reputation, posts an obviously fake photo on social media showing you being ****ed from behind by the famously obnoxious boss of one of your clients.

    For the Guardian-readers out there who might need this made a bit more clear to them, scenarios 1 and 3 are the Daily Mail; scenarios 2 and 4 are the Guardian.

    * Well, sort of. The Guardian always backs Labour or the LibDems. Tim Fallon’s barely a man while I’m not sure that Corbyn is entirely human.

    ** And I appreciate many Guardian readers have probably never been exposed to a professional environment.

  10. @Mr Poles

    You are making an assumption in your (excellent) post-

    That a guardian reader wouldn’t just turn around and reply- “Ah, but it’s different because she’s a Tory”

  11. TiS – Nice one!

    Back to Moans:

    they want to turn this country into the drunk man at closing time, stumbling around yelling obscenities at everyone, leering at women and shouting racist abuse.

    Sounds like a lying lefty shitbag to me. Can’t see it’s got owt to do with being gay.

  12. Sarah Vine today quotes an Observer columnist when hubby Michael Gove went to see Trump: “‘As a student, David Cameron is rumoured to have put his penis into a dead pig. To outdo him as an adult, in an act even more bizarre and obscene, Michael Gove put his penis into a Daily Mail journalist.’

  13. What I find utterly bizarre about OJ is that he characterises the Brexiteers as being unpleasant racists shouting obscenities. Yet it’s the British working poor who have every reason to be unhappy about uncontrolled migration from Eastern Europe (and the RoW) which led to massive pressure on housing and government services. In fact didnt OJ write a book about Chavs and the demonization of the working class…

  14. When it comes down to being obnoxious, you can’t beat a Lefty. Their ironclad noble cause corruption enables them to go further beyond the boundary of acceptable comment than most people would ever dream of, and they can project it all on you as they do so.

  15. I think the mental strain of seeing a regime he personally helped cement into power, Venezuela, going down the shitter at a rate of knots is taking its toll on poor Owen. Plus the fact that in the only true working class revolt he will ever see in his lifetime he was, and is, firmly on the barricades, shoulder to shoulder with the Establishment and fighting off the proles.

    That would take its toll only any conscience.

  16. Ken, The Likes of OJ will use anyone convenient in the moment as cannon-fodder.

    Most noticeably they will sacrifice anyone and everything they supposedly hold dear (Women, gays, civil rights, freedom of religion etc, etc) when it comes to championing the most repressive major religion/ideology on the planet.
    Women were useful to slam men today and will be again tomorrow but we are promoting the glories of Sharia today so tough luck gals.

    The working class were broadly useful to the likes of OJ at a time when the more dense on the left thought that the average factory worker was ideologically keen on being a Marxist drone, rather than simply wanting a bit better pay and conditions. As soon as it became apparent that the working class didn’t give a stuff about the revolution as soon as they could afford a fridge-freezer they were largely dropped as a weapon.

    OJ types absolutely don’t care about consistency at all and seem to assume that everyone will forget that they were arguing the opposite last week and will revert to the same position next week.

  17. I have to say, I don’t feel terrified. Is there something wrong with me?

    Owen, like Polly, overdoing it again and again and again. It’s like they just bang this shit out and press send without ever thinking about what they’ve written again. They certainly don’t seem to consider what effect it might have on their readers: I think it is most unlikely to persuade any of the unpersuaded, to put it mildly, and surely that is the end game for any political columnist who is not essentially a clapping seal.

    Thus, he is essentially a clapping seal.

    If this was old style Fleet Street I would suggest that he had written this piece after spending three or four hours in the Cheshire Cheese, but I don’t think Owen is that kind of chap. Can you send yourself round the bend on poppers?

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