Possibly, maybe, a comment upon Peter Navarro

Somewhere, in an alternative universe, there’s a PhD economist and university professor with head in hands, weeping bitterly, and wondering why he did it.

“I just wanted a gig right? Sell a few books to the rubes feeding their fantasies. Make a movie or two and meet hot actresses. And it worked, they lapped it up.

“But now the President of the Free World actually believes this dreck I’ve been schleppoing as that gig. He’s hired me to put all that nonsense into action.

“Why, why did I do it? Shoulda’ taken that Rolling Stone offer to investigate rape on campus. That turned out way less embarrassing”

9 thoughts on “Possibly, maybe, a comment upon Peter Navarro”

  1. OT, Tim, but a couple points about your latest Angus Deaton article in Forbes:

    1) on pg2, is the first paragraph you, or you quoting him?

    2) any idea why such smart blokes as Deaton get such simple stuff wrong? Is it ideological (you hint at this)? Too much time in academia so they don’t see the wood for the trees?

    As a layman, it’s immediately obvious that the freebies people get from the taxpayer in the West make them richer than poor third-worlders.

  2. 1_ That’s the software. UIt doesn’t tell you where it will put a page break in until you publish. And when it does it breaks up the tags for blockquote etc.


    2) I don’t think Deaton is being ideological no, I think the book was being. Deaton’s just been slightly hoodwinked.

  3. Looks good now: I had to re-read a couple times till I clocked it was probably something wrong with the formatting.

    I thought here was the best place to quietly mention it. I wasn’t being pendantic, honest!

    That Forbes page spitting thing is a bit weird. Is it so that adverts get loaded more often?

  4. Pah, such calumny! No, it’s because people like to read 450 words on a page, no more, so research tells us.

    That the ads therefore get loaded more often is an unhappy side effect. No.



  5. Chuckle.

    What I particularly love about that site is when you use your mouse scroll wheel on the comments.

    When you get to the bottom of that page of comments, it then scrolls the article, which can take you to another article altogether if you don’t stop in time. With a different set of comments. Which isn’t what you wanted.

    Web designers do some weird shit.

    While I’m at it, Quote of the Day:

    If you don’t honor and treasure what’s closest to you, it’s really hard to ask, believe and receive something that’s even broader and larger.

    Meighan Stone

    As an Englishman, I cannot help but find that utterly filthy.

  6. What research Tim? It would be interesting to see, since a quick Google only gives wildly differing numbers for SEO purposes (any where from 250 to 1,900 words per page, which is one hell of a spread), or questions on margins in LaTeX.

  7. I don’t know much about economics, so I have a question on trade deficits:
    Nobody buys anything unless that thing is worth more than they have to pay for it, so it would seem that for every dollar that goes overseas, more than a dollar’s worth of goodies come back.
    So how is that a deficit?

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