At least fifteen wedding guests were injured when a Holiday Inn staircase collapsed as they posed for photographs.
Andrew Hughes, 29, and bride Amy-Lenna Bryce, 26, were celebrating their vows at the Hemel Hempstead hotel when the steps crashed down.

My word, how did that happen?

19 thoughts on “Really?”

  1. Murphy and Sikka are Tweedle-fucking-dum and Tweedle-fucking-dummer.

    Jury’s out on which one is which.

  2. Why would you pose for wedding photographs on the staircase anyway?

    I mean, when we say ‘staircase’, it’s not some majestic sweeping ‘Gone With The Wind’ effort here. Click through to the story & it looks more like a fire escape!

  3. Wedding photo on the stairs seems to be a bit of a cliché. They did that at my niece’s first wedding, but that was in Rochdale Town Hall which does have the sort of staircase, courtesy of Victorian cotton merchants, that suffices admirably as a background for such.

  4. @Tejas.

    Yes she does have a sweet face- you are correct. She also has a sweet body.

    Or more accurately an “eaten too many sweets” body.

  5. “A spokesman said: ‘We have been in constant contact with those impacted to ensure they have our support.”

    The problem is some already have your support, it’s impacted in their backsides….

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    BlokeInTejas – “Now, be nice. She has a sweet face.”

    And, by the looks of it, a craving for oral satisfaction. A *lot* of craving for oral comfort there.

    I thought TW was rather nice not to ask what sort of people have their wedding reception at a frickin’ Holiday Inn. But then, we have all seen the photos.

  7. Re:smsf
    Some people aren’t interested in extravagant ceremony. Chinese wedding are well known for asking cash as gifts instead of stuff from wedding registry.

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