Chuck Berry, rock and roll legend, dies aged 90

6 thoughts on “So,”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I think it was shock over transsexuals in the women’s bathroom that did him in.

    An enormous talent. A historical figure. A terrible human being.

    Also I think not enough criticism is offered for appropriating the invention of Rock and Roll. Which, as we all know, was invented by a middle class White boy called Marty McFly.

  2. Noticeable that the BBC doesn’t mention his, um, predilections, or indeed his massive payout to the women involved. Obviously black trumps female in victimhood poker when you’re a musician, but not when you’re an actor.

  3. Funny how (some) musicians are expected to pass an ethics test, but in all other walks of life SJWs tell us one mustn’t judge people’s private lives.

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