Stationary Bandits

Late last month, famine was declared in two counties of the civil-war torn East African country of South Sudan. With 100,000 people at risk for dying of starvation in that area alone and millions more on the brink of crisis-level food shortages throughout the country, South Sudanese President Salva Kiir promised “unimpeded access” to humanitarian aid organizations working there.

A few days later the South Sudanese government hiked the fee for work permits for foreign aid workers from $100 to $10,000.

10 thoughts on “Stationary Bandits”

  1. The Inimitable Steve

    I’ve got a better idea than wasting endless amounts of cash in Africa.

    For every Third World person who dies in civil war, jihad, pandemic or famine, we should send them two replacements. We can afford it, and it’s just not fair that London, Rotherham, Birmingham et al. should hoard all that valuable diversity, even though it is our Greatest Strength.

    They can keep the aid workers too.

  2. They have obviously been watching the Western Governments tax everything and tax for doing anything policies. After all they are not doing anything different or stopping people just a different rate.

    They are learning fast.

  3. Examine the populatiuon of Ehtiopia:

    1980: 35 Million
    1990: 48 Million
    2000: 66 Million
    2010: 88 Million

    So after Live Aid etc the pop more than doubled.

    Why? To what benefit?

    And why does the green movement avoid the ongoing population explosion on Africa?

  4. Talking about wasting your tax money, I just came across this:

    Dr Cameron, MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow, defended billing taxpayers, and she told The Mirror: “With the opening of my constituency offices, on a number of occasions equipment was ordered through prime membership offering longitudinal savings on timeous delivery costs.”

    “… longitudinal savings on timeous delivery costs.”

    WTF is that? Some obscure dialect of Jockish?

  5. TIS

    Splendid idea. And it would raise the average IQ in the region, given that sub-saharan afros average 65-85. The local pubescent girls would cope with the small increase in unwanted attention from the vibrantly diverse arrivals. So the disadvantages are minimal.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset


    And three months in Sarah Olney has been reported the to standards people.

    And they wonder why they are held in contempt by most of the population.

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