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Our data differ in three areas. Most importantly, we introduce revenue data from the ICTD–
WIDER Government Revenue Database (GRD). The GRD was created in response to the absence
of a consistent, high quality, public data source for revenues. As the creators at the International
Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD) set out (Prichard et al. 2014), no pre-existing source met
these criteria. The set of papers published at the launch of the GRD (ICTD 2014) confirmed both
issues with the quality of data in IMF studies and the failure of multiple researchers to replicate the
results of a number of papers by researchers in the IMF Fiscal Affairs Department. The subsequent
publication of a version of the IMF dataset marked an important step towards transparency,
although it also confirmed that crucial issues remain—such as inconsistent GDP series (McNabb

ICTD include Sol Picciotto. Who is also TJN.

This is just quoting your mates.

“The IMF studies are wrong! See, my mate, under a different name, has said so!”

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  1. Er, he is an academic Tim!!!!

    As one of the cybernat pointed out to someone sceptical of Spud’s GERS denial, he is a professor of economics.

    We need to all known our place.

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