The journalist enjoyed writing this

A former model and airhostess, who was the moll of a mafia king of a global red sanders smuggling gang, was arrested on Tuesday night.

Red sanders being a particular type of wood…..

7 thoughts on “The journalist enjoyed writing this”

  1. ‘Lakshmanan shot to notoriety after he built Rs 100 crore empire by smuggling and selling red sanders logs across the globe.’

    His empire would buy him 67% of an average UK house.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Who would not enjoy that story? It pretty much writes itself.

    And extra bonus points to Bob for making it a perfect Daily Mail story by bringing housing prices into it.

  3. @BobR

    A crore is 10,000,000 (or 1,00,00,000 as an Indian would write it), so his empire is a billion rupees, roughly £12 million.

  4. Chris Miller,

    ah yes, you are right. I took the first thing google gave me when I searched for ‘Rs 100 crore’ from the article and I didn’t read the result properly (I had no idea what ‘Rs 100 crore’ meant so google could have said 4 bananas and I would have gone with that)

    Quora (the third google link) gives the better answer

    ‘So overall, 1 crore Rupees = 10 million Rupees = (10 Million / 60) US Dollars = 160, 000 US Dollars’

    He had 100 crore so that is 16,000,000 dollars or about the £12 million you state

    Going back to the DM we now see that he can buy a small London flat outright and her breasts are displayed in the sidebar on the right.


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