The lesson every college student should know

This is alarmingly self-referential but this is also the one major thing that every student should know. Everything else pales in comparison when we consider economics and economic stories:

Our world has, over your lifetime, undergone the greatest reduction in poverty and misery in human history. Heck, more people have been lifted out of poverty over that time than in all the rest of human history. That’s a story that every college student should know by heart.

And again:

If you care about people, the economic growth over the last generation is one of the most important stories in all 5,000 years of human civilization. Every economic issue discussed in our recent election cycle pales in comparison.

Or as I am quoted saying:

But bugger me, it is working. Ain’t that fucking grand?

7 thoughts on “The lesson every college student should know”

  1. You are right Tim. It should be taught to every student along with an accurate account of the crimes of socialism.

    However a large number of students are being taught a very different set of lessons by their CM “educators”.

    Hence the need for the Purge.

  2. I guarantee it is the one lesson they will not be allowed to get within a thousand miles of in whatever college they are training as drones.

  3. ?more people have been lifted out of poverty over that time than in all the rest of human history.”
    You could say the same of cows and dogs. But it is all for some purpose.
    Humans basically work for the state and are allowed to keep a little of their labors and maybe their offspring.

  4. Quite. Bit of shame that people like you wish to fuck it up by encouraging a return to dark ages and , in general , encouraging evil ( I use the terms Brexit and evil interchangeably ) along with your Fascist allies Le Pen Wilders and Trumpington
    Liberal capitalism and Free trade became attached to Nationalism in this country for historical reasons but they are enemies.

    Tim you are making a terrible mistake, you are sleep walking into the perfumed boudoir of the devil in provocative lingerie. It will end tears

    Disambiguation: Tears to rhyme with stairs

  5. New (Remainia) heights of both bullshit and madness in one post Facepaint. Especially hilarious are your attempts to link the word “free” with your EU pals–some of the most arrogant and tyrannical scum of modern times.

    But we still won and you still lost. And your buddies are dead men staggering around to find their graves. You had better hope the undertakers aren’t imported.

  6. “I use the terms Brexit and evil interchangeably”: do you display any other symptoms of insanity?

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