This does appear ever so slightly suspicious

More than 120 diners celebrating a baptism fled without paying their bill €2,000 restaurant bill after the main courses.
The Romanian diners, who had paid a deposit of €900 (£770) to eat at the El Carmen restaurant in Bembibre, north-eastern Spain, fled as waiters were about to serve dessert.
Restaurant owner Antonio Rodriguez told the BBC: ‘It happened in the space of a minute. It was something they had planned and they left in a stampede.’

Given the baptism it shouldn’t be too hard to find a name……

15 thoughts on “This does appear ever so slightly suspicious”

  1. Hmm

    Driving into work, I heard this on the news. No mention of Romanians at that point.

    It’s called doing a ‘sinpa’ meaning sin pagar – without paying. But that one sets a world record.

    Apparently the police have identified the family involved and also it is not the first case.

  2. I’m surprised they didn’t simply pay for the bill by proceeds from the three cup and pea game, cloned ATM cards and begging – all things that Romanians* seem to be EU champions at. Their preference for using parks, underpasses and shop doorways as places to take a shit over public toilets is another admirable feature of positive ethnic diversity that makes me wish I had voted to Remain.


  3. So Much For Subtlety

    If I were Romanian I might be annoyed that people were confusing me with members of this community. The salmon is a noble fish. It is not a pike.

    After all, who in their right mind would do a runner and risk a criminal record for less than £17 a head? About £10 if they don’t get their deposit back.

  4. SMFS>

    If I were a member of the community to which you refer, I’d be quite annoyed that the small proportion of that community which has ties to Romania and behaves like Romanians is giving the whole community a bad name.

  5. Yes, there is a lot of conflation between Roma & Romanian. On the other hand, going on experience of Romanians in Spain, one let alone 120 going by the name he was baptised with would be considerable anomaly.

  6. Roma are not equivalent to Romanians. Even if a substantial number of Romanians are selfish and destructive the Roma outshine even them. And they wonder why there is discrimination…. It only takes a few to tarnish the reputation of all and the horrible Roma thieves and scam artists damage the Roma reputation and so on up the scale.

    The credit and ATM card scam even makes waves in Singapore. The Romanian embassy there is often dealing with card scammers who fly in and get arrested with 1000 cloned cards in their bag.

    My declaration of interest is that I am married to a Romanian and have been for nearly 20 years. I speak the language reasonably well when I get a chance.

  7. I understand that teenage Roma whores will do a knee-trembler against a fence up an alley for £3 in Sheffield. The RoPpers are incensed by this, as it is so cheap they can’t justify the effort in grooming and raping native girls.

    Wouldn’t most blokes feel cheated if the tarts took the money and legged it?

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Witchie – “Wouldn’t most blokes feel cheated if the tarts took the money and legged it?”

    Sure. That is what the divorce courts are for. Take that away and what else is there to look forward to in marriage?

    And on the plus side at least these girls promise oral sex.

  9. SMFS, I’ve got a bet with myself that you’re a hot young woman with killer pins and a nice line in pencil skirts and kitten heels.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    Edward Lud – “SMFS, I’ve got a bet with myself that you’re a hot young woman with killer pins and a nice line in pencil skirts and kitten heels.”

    Well that is how I see myself and hence identify. And in the end, isn’t that what counts?

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