This is rather the point of pop music, yes

Let’s put it down frank. Rock had more passion to (kids in the ’50s) because (they) were in school. I was in school when the big bands (were popular), so it had passion to me.”

1 thought on “This is rather the point of pop music, yes”

  1. The pop music when I was at school was rank. So I let the trad jazz men lead me back to Noo Awlins. Armstrong, Johnny Dodds and Bechet: nice! Then Bix, Jelly, Muggsy, Fats, the Dook, Big T, …..

    Chris Barber introduced me to Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee. I also had a weak spot for Muddy Waters. My school pals took the piss by referring to him as Rusty Pipes.

    Then the Beatles came along and improved things enormously. For a little while. Since then it’s been entirely jazz and classical for me. I can’t listen to popshite or rockrap; dismal rubbish.

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