This starts off as the usual whine

Doctors, women’s problems, not enough attention paid.

It actually gets a bit more interesting. The NHS were hopeless, for years. The private sector rather better.

Amazing what the Guardian will publish these days, eh?

5 thoughts on “This starts off as the usual whine”

  1. Lena Dunham wrote a long and detailed blog post about how long it took her to get diagnosed with endometriosis, which is relatively common. That was in America; admittedly never a good model for healthcare, but you’d expect some level of competency for the money you pay.

  2. Andrew: the NHS lacks endometriosis targets!
    It may have taken time for Lena Dunham’s diagnosis in the US but she would never have got it in the UK unless she had abdominal surgery for something else and endometriosis was a coincidental finding.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    My only option now is to try not to dwell on those lost, unhappy years.

    Try harder and not in the pages of the Guardian.

  4. The private sector in this case is bordering on alternative woo, and i’m comfortable with it not being in the NHS. My guess is that she now has someone treating her who is reacting very attentively to what she says, which woo artists do well and NHS don’t.

    Pain management is a mind thing and all sorts of spiritual bullshit comes out however unlike say cancer that doesn’t give a shit how well the sufferer ‘thinks’ the treatment is going for pain all you really have is how the sufferer ‘thinks’ the treatment’s going.

  5. Hallowed Be,

    Spot on. From Wikipedia:

    Vulvodynia is a chronic pain syndrome that affects the vulvar area and occurs without an identifiable cause.

    What’s the point in getting a diagnosis telling you that your chronic vulvar pain is indeed chronic vulvar pain, just with a fancy name? You’ll find it slightly easier to search health forums and compare notes with other suffers; but that’s it.

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