Timmy in Bangladesh

I was asked if I would contribute a basic economics column to one of the papers out there. So, here is a basic economics column out there.

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  1. Since most of the curry houses in the UK are actually Bangladeshi, according to the restaurant folks, and there is supposed to be a shortage of Bangladeshi chefs for Home Office reasons, did you have good experiences of grub in Bangladesh?

  2. I had quite a bit of food, yes. Spicing distinctly milder than UK, but then we know that, we equate curry with very spicy, they with a mixture of flavours to a specific balance for one style, another balance for another.

    I prefer their style to be honest. Chili and lemon is a decent mixture of flavours, but there’s no reason that a vindaloo should take your palate off.

    Was amused to see “beef bacon” on the breakfast buffet menu. But then I already know that pastrami is really just beef cured like bacon is. Muslim country, so no pork around. Although I’m told that up in the north and north east pigs are commonly raised and, obviously, curry made of them. That I’d like to try but probably after I’ve had more hepatitis shots. It’s not like Vietnam where the street food is part of the reason to go….

  3. I prefer a bit milder, so that sounds pretty good. The missus prefers much milder.

    As an economics layman, the household example you used is pretty much the one I ran through to get my head around “imports not exports make you richer”, as I instinctively thought it was the other way around.

  4. Not a bad piece Tim, presumably you put them here as clickbait so I duly fired up the browser with no ad blocking and visited the page and read the article to keep the advertisers happy and you in jelly beans.

    You use the phrase ‘balance of payments’ (all lower case) three times but in a paragraph towards the end it is referenced as BoP (yes we know what it means but does your target audience ?)

    Another paragraph is ‘We generally regard this as a good thing, therefore, this sort of foreign direct investment. But that means, inevitably, that we will have a surplus on that capital account.’ that I find just horrible.

    On another note, how much FDI in Bangladesh is from the Bangladeshi community in the UK ?

  5. That opening paragraph doesn’t read well. I wonder how it would read to someone reading in their second language, as they are the target audience.
    Get a few of Adam Smith’s legendary quotes in.
    Articles in Britain about us doing some things better than the French always cheer people up, so a little mocking of things that Bangladesh does better than India, Pakistan or Great Britain could go down well. Enterprise zones, liberal planning, cutting farm subsidies etc.
    Imv, of course

  6. It’s a weekly feast from here on in (for a princely £20 a week too, which I’m sending off to a laddie in Bangla doing a bit of running around for me) so perhaps it will get better?

  7. Bongo,

    the opening paragraph is actually the closing paragraph, presumably the sub editor sorts that out so Tim has little control at the moment.

    Tim will get to know what the editors want and will be able to sway the final composition over time.

    I agree completely with your point about ‘things that Bangladesh does better’.

  8. Couple of points

    no-one has commented on the article yet.

    I was surprised to see an advert with a tasty chick advertising shampoo and not wearing a headscarf, which prompted me to think that presumably in Saudi Arabia for example there are no such adverts?

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