Umm, yes, maybe not a good idea

Pregnant Texas 19-year-old woman who aspired to be model killed by train while having photos taken on tracks


Thompson was standing between two sets of tracks Friday in Navasota when a BNSF Railway train approached, according to the paper. She moved out of the way, but was apparently unaware that a Union Pacific train was coming in the opposite direction.

What was it the Green Cross Man told us all?

10 thoughts on “Umm, yes, maybe not a good idea”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    So much is wrong with this story.

    Fredzania Thompson attended Blinn College in Bryan but wanted to put her education on hold to begin modeling

    Fredzania? It sounds like an African country to be honest. Isn’t giving your daughter that name, you know, like child abuse? Blinn College? I don’t even want to know. Putting her “education” on hold to model? As a “thick”-er sort of model one assumes. OK, that I don’t entirely disapprove of. It is not as if her community cow college was any better.

    Chatman, the father of a 7-year-old son, found out in recent weeks that Fredzania was going to give him another child. “She said, ‘You’re going to be a dad again,'” the 25-year-old Chatman told the Eagle.

    Not married of course. Chatman is 25. He has a 7 year old son. That is just outstanding. He had at least two baby Mommas by the time most of us would be finishing university.

  2. “What was it the Green Cross Man told us all?”

    I’m sure it was “I find your lack of faith disturbing”.

  3. Green Cross Code in Texas? The place barely has any pavements outside the main metropolitan precincts, let alone public service announcements about how pedestrian children should cross the road. The only exception being the school crossing guards.

  4. About a year ago up here an old woman fell off the platform at Brunswick Station and into the path of an approaching train. A witness,l speaking to the local press described her as… sprightly.

  5. I think she does qualify. The child she was bearing was the second child of the father; not her second child.

  6. If you are standing on railroad tracks having your picture taken, you are a model.

    Her aspiration must have been to be paid for it.

    Getting preggers is an odd career move. Too bad she didn’t check with the job centre on that first.

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