We already knew this was true

President Donald Trump said he felt vindicated in his claims that he was wiretapped by his predecessor Barack Obama after it emerged some of his communications were monitored and did appear in intelligence reports.

Mr Trump and members of his team were the subject of “incidental surveillance” in the months after his election win and their names appeared in reports widely circulated in the intelligence community.

Asked if he felt vindicated by the revelation Mr Trump said: “I somewhat do. I must tell you I somewhat do. I very much appreciated the fact that they found what they found.”

It was the latest twist in a saga that began on March 4 when Mr Trump accused Mr Obama of having Trump Tower “wiretapped”.

This week FBI Director James Comey said there was no evidence to back up Trump’s assertions.

But Congressman Devin Nunes, the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, which is investigating the allegations, said communications of Mr Trump and officials working for his transition team were “monitored” after the election.

Because we’ve been told that some of them were talking to Russians…..how could they know if it wasn’t being monitored?

Stating “but we were monitoring the Russians” is fine, but that still means Trump types were monitored, doesn’t it?

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  1. Same of GCHQ. If they weren’t taking an interest in a potential POTUS before the election, why not? And why the hell break from tradition and deny the story? Now they will have to comment on every conspiracy theory.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    What is worse, that monitoring resulted in information that was spread far and wide. The Clinton camp almost certainly had inside information on the Trump campaign. I am willing to bet that Obama did for Romney too.

    Given the vindictiveness of the Obama camp this is a problem.

    I think this is bigger than Watergate but of course the media won’t care.

  3. If we go back and look at the weasel words about’ no evidence that Obama ordered a wire tap” we realise what we already knew from Wikileaks, that the NSA tap everybody, all of the time. They then listen in to persons of interest – in this case all Russians – and are then supposed to keep confidential anything relating to American citizens, unless national interest etc. The true scandal is the deliberate circulation of confidential information that related to Trump. Trump knows this, the Dems know that he knows it. This isn’t over yet.

  4. ‘Wire Tapping’ is a ridiculous notion, nobody is being ‘Wire Tapped’ and people suggesting that the intelligence agencies are using ‘Wire Taps’ should know better than to spout such rubbish.

    They haven’t used ‘Wire Taps’ (where they put a couple of croc clips on your phone line) for years.

    In the modern world they ‘Monitor Communications’ which is a much more benign way of saying they are ‘Wire Tapping’ everybody.

    If Trump used ‘Monitor Communications’ in his Tweets, most people wouldn’t know what he was talking about and he would run out of characters in his Twitter frenzy.

  5. It was and remains an obvious lie that Obama ordered any sort of “wire-tap” against Trump.

    It’s an obvious truth that some of the treasonous communications between Trump’s henchmen and Russian agents will have been intercepted, because communications with Russian agents are intercepted.

    Is there nothing you lot wouldn’t condone in a politician so long as he tweets the sort of alt-facts you fantasize about?

  6. Sans Abrain: Obama is scum. A Marxian Chicago “Hawaiian” punk via Kenya.

    The same scum who had his scum-stooge Holder attack gun owners and used himself ordered the IRS for political purposes almost certainly ordered Trump snooped upon. Because Obo is lying leftist scum who needs to be occupying a jail cell double-quick. If not getting a well-deserved death sentence for treason.

  7. Trumps a genius. He comes out and says ‘Obama wiretapped me’ and now its confirmed that some of his communications were ‘incidentally’ recorded and circulated. What he initially said may not be 100% true (given the reality, there is absolutely no way of knowing if Obama did instigate the surveillance, or OK it, other than looking inside the heads of those involved, there’s not going to be a paper trail) but what Joe Schmo is going to take from this is that Trump was right, he was wiretapped.

    His opponents don’t seem to be getting this. They’re relying on the small print to catch him out (‘But there’s no evidence Obama ordered anything, so Trump lied!!!’) when the public hear ‘Trump was tapped’ after he said ‘I was tapped’. Same went with the tax return, opponents say ‘Trump pays lower % than person X’, public hear ‘Trump paid millions in tax’.

    Its the advertising slogan vs the legal small print at the bottom of the ad. Trumps dealing in the former, his opponents the latter.

  8. Oh, and its highly likely that Trump knew exactly the nature of the surveillance but by saying ‘Obama wiretapped me’ ensured the entire media went to town sending that message to every single American (and half the world too). Which they will now have had ‘confirmed’ by the latest revelations.

    The man is playing 3D chess while the rest are playing noughts and crosses.

  9. “Is there nothing you lot wouldn’t condone in a politician so long as he tweets the sort of alt-facts you fantasize about?”

    As long as he fights the ctrl-left.

  10. Jim,
    You make an excellent point. And Trump’s opponents have yet to cotton on at all.

    We may also recall the revelation that the DNC was working with the Clinton campaign. The defence was that the media should ignore the whole thing as the information had been stolen.

    Again the legal nit-picking, and look at us aren’t we clever!!

  11. “His opponents don’t seem to be getting this. They’re relying on the small print to catch him out (‘But there’s no evidence Obama ordered anything, so Trump lied!!!’) when the public hear ‘Trump was tapped’ after he said ‘I was tapped’.”

    Well, except that the media are keeping it pretty quiet that Trump really was tapped. So many people are still left with the impression that he made a stupid claim which has fallen down.

  12. People miss the point. We now know what the whole fake Russia alarm was about. It was the official excuse for bugging Trump.

  13. @BobRocket the “Wire tap” is indeed shorthand. It does however give an out , in the sense that they can say they weren’t wiretapped – and it would be true, technically, if you don’t make the sensible conclusion that Trump is using it as short hand for generic surveillance.

  14. AndrewC, GCHQ’s statement was a classic public sector equivocation that looked like a denial as long as you didn’t actually read it. Reduced to its salient points it said:

    ‘We were never asked to wire-tap the President-elect.’

    So the US Government Party only had to ask for intel acquired at GCHQ’s own volition and, as BobRocket says above, ‘wire-tap’ is an archaic term, plus they’re only referring to the postelection period, when spying on the incoming head of state and Commander-in-Chief of Britain’s senior partner might be unwise, but the no-hoper candidate Trump would be fair game. As denial go, it hardly denies anything at all.

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