Well, errm….

Americans now drink more bottled water than soda: What has changed?

It would appear that what has changed is that Americans now drink more bottled water than soda. Because, you know, that is the thing which has changed.

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  1. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Big Water runs the world. Probably a Jewish Bolshevik conspiracy

    Actually Coca Cola and Pepsico own the water companies so their profits against costs are ever greater.

  2. Shamelessly nicked from ND over at [email protected]

    “Suppose hypothetically it was noticed that no-one drank tap water, but bought their own in plastic bottles. What, then, would be the point in treating all mains water to be potable, as at present? It’s obvious that for some overwhemingly vast percentage of all usage of mains-water, its costly potable quality goes to waste”

    Don’t go givin’ the Trumperati your Libertarian Worldview !

  3. I drink nothing but water in glass bottles, in fact I get through about a 1.5 litres per day.

    Yup. Recycled wine bottles filled with the best produce of Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang are lined up in my fridge. Given the cost of 5 MYR (about £1) per month, I think that is pretty good value.

    I can understand people in Flint, Michigan drinking bottled water given its local politically inspired problems, but for the vast majority of the US population its just pissing money down the drain.

  4. Per the article, soda sales dropped from 50bn US gallons to 38.5bn. Trends change: half a century ago, drinking Coca-Cola implied that you were rich enough to throw good money away; today bottled water fulfils that role.

  5. I drink bottled water too. Prefer it when it has been aged in oak casks for a number of years after going through a process with some vegetable matter. And now in a Glenfiddich bottle.

    Otherwise pop, juice or tea are the preferred drinks. All contain water.

  6. “costly potable (mains water)”

    “Costly”? At 0.003p per litre compared to, what, £1.50 per litre for the bottled stuff. Strange definition of “costly”.

  7. Sorry, that’s 0.03p – the post posted itself while I was editing it. (Source: 37.91p per m³ at yorkshirewater.com) Still 5000 times cheaper than bottled water.

  8. I drink bottled water because the tap water here tastes vile. Fortunately Aldi sells it for 42c a litre.

  9. Matthew,

    If it smells and tastes of chlorine (in some foreign shithole) you can drink it. If it tastes reasonable – it’ll give you the shits. This is the voice of experience.

  10. “Fortunately Aldi sells it for 42c a litre.” Dear Christ you must be rich. Here Tesco will sell us two litres of fizzy water for 17p, about 20 cents. One quarter the price, and you get the fizz too.

  11. LOL when I saw expiration date on bottled water.

    I actually queried this with one of the manufacturers and was told that the reason for the use by date on the water bottles was related to the bottle, not the water itself.

  12. SE the reason for that is that eventually (2-3 years) despite the coating on the inside of the lid, the acetic acid fumes will eat through the metal lid and a corroded circle of steel drops into the bottle. We’ve had this happen twice.

  13. Probably most of you guys aren’t old so you’re missing one of the things about getting old.

    Th older I get the more I hate sweet things. Sugar has become disgusting to me. Many of my equally ancient friends say the same thing.

    American demographics are aging.

    People who drink “soda” should not be allowed to vote. And get off my lawn.

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