Well, it’s a good idea isn’t it?

A BBC radio presenter allowed a phone-in caller to discuss having sex with young children and to claim his victims had enjoyed being abused.

Allan Beswick, host of the Late Night Phone-In programme on BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Radio Lancashire, engaged in conversation with the man – who said he was calling from prison – for four-and-a-half minutes without cutting him off.

Listeners were horrified to hear the man repeat details of his alleged crimes and to argue that DVDs of “child sex” should be supplied to adults as a substitute for them abusing children.

As far as we know, and this is true of both rape and statutory rape (yes, research has been done on this, on both) porn reduces incidence of real world actions. In the case of child porn the post-Soviet changes in law left Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic without a law against child porn. Incidence of child abuse fell. Law corrected, it rose back again.

So, digitally produced (of course) DVDs, why not? The aim is to reduce real world harm, yes, not the incidence of people getting their rocks off?

6 thoughts on “Well, it’s a good idea isn’t it?”

  1. Presumably no children were harmed by allowing a prisoner to phone in and advocate kiddy fiddling, so what’s the big deal? Sure, it’s not ideal but it was a live phone-in, this comes with the risk that you get some nutter on the line who you can’t shut off until they’ve been ranting away for a few minutes. How is this a story?

  2. Specialist market that, innit mate. *Sucks teeth*, I mean I can get it done, no problem, but it’ll not be cheap, nowattamean?

  3. Lot of stuff like this in the Manga comics in Japan. No idea though what the rates of sexual abuse are like there. As a realist I am generally happy to support something that we may not like if it reduces something we really don’t like. However this is one I personally really struggle with.

  4. Some of the kids might well have enjoyed it. Doesn’t make it harmless. Every drug dealer could say that.
    And yes I agree diverting the desire to a harmless outcome is likely to reduce incidence, especially if accompanied by penalties for actual assaults.
    Roll on sex robots!

  5. Listeners were horrified to hear…

    …and apparently to discover that their radios could neither be turned off nor tuned to a different station.

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