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Where’s Dave Dave when you need him?

“Before anything the new force will need to make out the real enemy, and there should be no doubt about its identity: international finance. Every one of the hydra’s heads sprouts from this evil and it works by means of a process that is very simple but to which our “elite” seems oblivious.”

Darius Guppy.

BTW, vaguely connected, Peter Risdon is not having a good time of it. But that’s a random vileness being visited upon someone, not a vileness being perpetrated.

9 thoughts on “Where’s Dave Dave when you need him?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The irony of this coming from someone like Darius Guppy is, I am not sure what the word is – amusing seems wrong. Bizarre? Surreal? Kafka-esque?

    I mean, the man is of Iranian origin. Sure that is not as bad as being actually Jewish but it does make him something like the sixth group to go up the chimney. Not sure if he really would like his new fans.

    Although it must be hard to go through life utterly dwarfed by the little toy fish your grandfather discovered.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Matthew L – “I’m glad someone’s calling out the Trump crowd on their neonazi links. I particularly liked this post by the same author:”

    What neo-Nazi links? What connection is there between the Trump crowd and Richard Spencer?

    The slow morphing of Harry’s Place into the sort of joke they used to mock is sad. This is a great example:

    Why would president Donald Trump casually imply that a spate of recent attacks and threats made against Jewish Community Centres in the US are false flag operations? It certainly sounds like an antisemitic trope.

    It sounds like an anti-semitic trope? Either Trump has to admit that his supporters are neo-Nazis or the good folk at Harry’s Place will assume he is a neo-Nazi? Great example of Kafkatrapping there dudes.

    Especially as Trump was, you know, right. They were mostly false flag operations. Not one I know of has been linked to anyone connected with Trump. Any number of them have been linked to various Leftists. But facts? Who needs them when the entire world is engaged in a vast conspiracy against the people who run HP?


  3. Shall we try posting excerpts from that as comments to Ritchie’s site? I don’t see any noticeable difference.

  4. By the way, if you go to the source, the very next line after the quote above is pure Ritchie:

    “It begins with the creation of money – which is to say debt – out of nothing.”

    Sorry, it _is_ a Nazi conspiracy theory, and the people pushing it are all either Nazis of one stripe or another, or the useful idiots of Nazis.

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