Would improve the food if they used it

An antique cookbook from 1793 listing a recipe for curry was discovered by monks, and now budding chefs will have the chance to try the dish at home.
The book, which contains the oldest oldest known recipe for an English curry as well as other Georgian-era recipes, is to be turned into a modern day cookery book.
The unusual book was found in the archives of a Benedictine monastery and painstakingly transcribed.

Yes, of course, Downside.

8 thoughts on “Would improve the food if they used it”

  1. What ever it is it will be better than the pretentious twattery we get from ‘celebrity chefs’. Jamie Oliver ‘sloshing glugs’ of olive oil or Nigella dribbling chocolate sauce down her cleavage or Heston Bloomintwat marinating a steak in a sock that’s been impregnated with whale’s semen, all of them selling books for £20 that contain essentially the same recipes as a £4.99 WH Smiths ‘cooking for families’ book.

    FFS, they’ve been making Bolognese for centuries. If it really needed something new in it they’ve have tried it.

  2. @Andrew C, I think you’ll find that Mr Oliver’s preferred measure of olive oil is the “lug”. And I too would love to pour half a bottle of the finest chili-infused extra virgin into one of his stupid ears.

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