Anyone out there know Hugo?

I want to do some experimentation in building a site using static, not dynamic, pages. Yes, I’ve got programmers here but this is number 17 on the list and has been for months. So, is there anyone out there who already knows this language/system?

Essentially, I want to use it like WordPress. There are already designs for the site out there which can be downloaded, just as with WordPress. But of course with my technical skills–lack of them–I’m never going to be able to get a site up and running.

So, the question is, anyone already got those skills? Set me up with a Hugo site with a design to be nominated, an editor that I’m actually able to use etc? Got my URL already…..

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  1. The Pedant-General

    WordPress does have a static option – recall Steve McIntyre of ClimateAudit fame had to switch to static after the ClimateGate story broke.

    No idea how it’s done, but it can be.

  2. I haven’t heard of Hugo, but isn’t this just harking back to the old days of Microsoft Frontpage? I assume such products fell out of favour due to lack of demand. You may encounter some resistance when swimming upstream.

  3. You needn’t worry: MS Frontpage was discontinued in 2007. But Hugo looks a bit technical – they expect you to use the command line – whereas there are plenty of alternatives which are more what-you-see-is-what-you-get. I can’t in good faith recommend Hugo to a man who doesn’t use Excel.

    I’d investigate the static WordPress option. If nothing else, it’s at least a familiar environment.

  4. Just as a note, most statements about “static” in WordPress terms mean merely using WordPress “pages” rather than blog entries.

    Which is clearly wholly different to actually serving a static website as you are still dependent on the database and the WordPress dynamic content generator for each page view.

  5. I’ve not used Hugo, but I have used Jekyll, which is very similar.

    Be warned that search options are limited–non-existent.


  6. Hmmm, even if Timmy was photographed shagging Hilarity Clinton he could not generate enough traffic to load WordPress. Just turn on caching and offload to a CDN. 10 minutes work for a few dollars a month WordPress host.

    Tim, if you want help with IT please post your requirements in as much detail as possible so that we can help.

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