Bless eh, Bless

The budget had just one message: there will be no general election in 2017

There is still no beginning to Spud’s talents. This was written 6 weeks ago:

What the white spaces say is that there will be no early election. The giveaways would have been much bigger if there were to be, and the pain on the self employed would have been deferred.

Next, note the growth downgrades: they don’t signal anything like enough confidence to justify going to the country as yet.

And so take it as read as a result that the decision is to wait until 2020. Then May thinks that post Brexit all will be well and she will be swept to victory.

I suspect that’s also how Gordon Brown felt in 2007, on balance, when he too proved shy of the electorate. And look what happened. He, of course, did not discuss recession in 2007. And Hammond did not discuss Brexit today. But the recession was the end for Brown as Brexit will be for May, I suspect. An election postponed is all too often one lost. Today, without anything being said, an election was postponed. And I can’t see it being won as a result.

City really did make such a wise choice, didn’t they?

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  1. @PF,

    True, but then I’m not a professor or barrister swanning around making public predictions as a self proclaimed expert of everything. Delicious.

  2. Lots saw it as a viable option. But Too many believed what May said. This is the real miracle. A politician the people believe.

  3. I think the ReMainiacs are double fucked. Corby and Farton can’t cut it. And the London Bubblescum have nothing left. Project Fear is done. As are Bliar and the legalist trickster vermin.

    Only trouble is that Dress-Up is still BluLabour. Even tho she can’t get in promising to back Brexit all the way and then sell out and hope to survive she will still help the globos to victory via the Dindustan Express. She will do nothing about that.

    Still a Tory vote to guarantee Brexit. However much that goes against the grain personally.

  4. Ironman, Soapy’s true colours have been obvious for a while with his frenzied efforts against first Brexit and then Uber. I had him pegged as a dim cvunt from the first time of reading but, over time, his preening arrogance has led me to believe he is a malevolent, snobbish cvnt

  5. Not that I would want to stoop to Ritchie’s level, but doesn’t the Bar generally require its practitioners to maintain certain professional standards? The way he’s talked even to former Remainers like Danny Finkelstein has been less than impressive.

  6. Sadly, I can’t see what he’s said because he’s blocked me on Twatter. Dunno why Soapy Joe would be upset by my calling him Soapy Joe.

  7. Ironman>

    Theresa May has a well-known ‘health issue’, albeit one which is fairly controllable in most cases – type 1 diabetes. If May turned out to be in the minority, that could well make it impossible for her to continue as PM.

    That doesn’t appear to be the case here, but there is at least some context for the suggestion.

  8. PF said:
    “In fairness, I’m not sure any of us saw that coming..:)”

    The betting markets did – odds on a snap general election shifted rapidly.

  9. I’ve been smugly posting for months that there would not be an election because of the fixed term parliaments act, because of the boundary commission adjustments, and because the public don’t like being taken for granted for political ends. Just hope the public accepts there is a good case – because the medial will be hammering the last point endlessly.

  10. @Tim Worstall, April 18, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    Sadly, I can’t see what he’s said because he’s blocked me on Twatter. Dunno why Soapy Joe would be upset by my calling him Soapy Joe.

    His posts are public. Log out of twatter or view in another browser or incognito tab.

  11. I can guarantee that the electorate doesn’t give 1.25 fucks about the “Fixed Term Parliament Act”.

  12. “Still a Tory vote to guarantee Brexit. However much that goes against the grain personally.”

    Ecksy nails it. This the Brexit General Election. If May gets a reduced or only slightly larger majority, the Remoaners will be hugely encouraged and emboldened. If May emerges with a 100+ majority, the Remainiacs will be crushed and Brexit will be guaranteed – not least because the Lords will have to fall into line.

    Btw, Arron Banks is still intending to stand against Carswell, which could split the pro-brexit vote in Clacton, possibly allowing a remainiac to take the seat. Bizarre behaviour by Banks.

  13. “Has The Fat Controller candidly banned anyone on that irrelevant site yet?”

    He can’t ban anyone on The Conversation. So his blood pressure can only rise.

  14. Self-identifying libertarians voting for big nanny state remainer May.

    For everything else, there’s mastercard.

  15. Bloke in Germany

    Sorry but that’s just snide. By alears though, set out where your vote would go and why.

  16. Charlie Suet, yes, it does. But he’s “in” Silk, so he can get away with an awful lot. It’s the purest cant.

    I haven’t followed his output closely so cannot comment on his public pronouncements with any authority but, if you’ve the time, knowledge of his output and inclination, then the Bar Standards Board will at the very least have to entertain your complaint. But be prepared for the bastards to row him out.

  17. Martin: Learn English and find out.

    Biggie: Voting for Brexit.

    May still needs her multi-culti BluLabour ticket punching. One job at a time.

    You worry about that fat cuck cow Merkel.

  18. Bloke in North Dorset


    Yeah, most of us are reduced to voting for the least worst option, so what? Holding your nose whilst voting is a time honoured practice.

  19. The Inimitable Steve

    We can only dream of being able to choose between Angela Merkel and whichever other simpering, self-hating Teutonic weirdos are competing with Europe’s bowl-cutted #1 kebab rape importer.

  20. TIS: surely you can’t be lost for the name – Martin Schulz – of the excellent former pPresident of the European Parliament who gave up his position in Brusseles (complete with two chauffeurs) to run for the SPD (socialists) in Germany?

    Theo: thanks for that. I have deposited a little something to soothe Humpty’s ego.

  21. BiG: Yes, holding the nose and voting tory. Cos a vote for Labour is a vote for Airstrip Venezuela, and the Limp Dims are lunatic europhiles. Anything else is wasted.

  22. If you say so Biggie.

    Keep your hand on your ha’penny. Dangerous times over there. Even for the half-sane.

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