But what happens when the Curajus State is incompetent?

Concerns over HMRC’s IT ability should be growing rapidly. Recently it was revealed that some taxpayers are being asked to submit paper tax returns this year because HMRC’s IT systems cannot be programmed to correctly calculate the tax that they owe.

Today there are reports that brewers cannot submit their monthly duty returns for March online because the system cannot handle the change in rates during the month. Paper returns will be required instead.

That is, we’re ruled by fuckwits therefore they should have more power.

14 thoughts on “But what happens when the Curajus State is incompetent?”

  1. As a salaried employee on PAYE I have no experience of this at all however this is the Internet so I am going to share my opinion, which is that the UK tax code is so complicated and contradictory that it is impossible to automate.

    I blame Brown.

  2. Ah, no, Tim, this sort of thing is PROOF that the Tories are deliberately running down HMRC by reducing staff so that they can collect less tax as part of their evil plan. What is needed is a massive army of HMRC employees, all under the control of a fat, narcissistic megalomaniac.

  3. As a small brewer, I wondered why I wasn’t able to submit my March return online. Now it all becomes clear!

    As a former IT systems designer, I presume the IT system was built around duty changes being made at month end. Someone would have said ‘nobody would be stupid enough to change rates mid-month’. Surely the easy path would have been to bring in the new rate on April 1st? Why the rush?

  4. ‘But what happens when the Curajus State is incompetent?’

    Its employees as rewarded with a pay rise….

  5. That is, we’re ruled by fuckwits therefore they should have more power.

    And, alongside the Chancellor / Treasury, those same useless fuckwits want to impose MTD (5 or 6 returns per year instead of 1). You couldn’t make shit like that up.

    I blame Brown.

    The Boy George was at least as cretinous.

  6. Of course, more paper returns means more mistakes means more fines means more revenue! Trebles all round!

  7. Laffer Curve in action.

    I’m a one-man band consultancy, spending the last few years clocking enough that I registered for VAT on the flat-rate scheme and paid it faithfully.

    With the rate rise that just hit (from 12% to 16.5% for companies like mine), I de-registered for VAT from the 5th; I’d genuinely rather work less bookable hours and have the extra time with my family, it just means my savings account grows less rapidly.

    Sometimes more tax really does mean less revenue… I always believed it intellectually, but it’s been interesting to find myself acting on it and demonstrating it in reality.

    And yes, HMRC are hopeless even when you’re PAYE; they got hopelessly, uselessly confused when I had two PAYE incomes (both of them from HM Government, FFS, yet things went wrong every year no matter what I and my employers tried to do) and they’re even worse now I’m running a limited company but also taking the Queen’s shilling at weekends.

    At least these days I pay an accountant to solve all that crap for me… but why is it so gruesomely complicated rather than “you earned X, you owe Y, you’ve paid, thank you?”

  8. “Never assign to malice that which can be adequately explained by incompetence.”

    Except that sometimes it is malice; the system is deliberately designed to resist automation to preserve head count.

  9. Jason,

    You can at least make them put you on tax code BR for you reserves salary.

    It used to really confuse things when I worked for the bank and mobilised. The bank couldn’t stop paying me (they didn’t really understand it and my boss didn’t care), so I was on basic military rate (no RA), so was earning double in the abandoned day job than I was from uk.mil.

  10. Hanlon’s Razor isn’t “Never assign to malice …”. Rather it is “It is dangerous to assign to malice …”

    As Roué. Said, sometimes it indeed is.

    As an note on the above, I did try to get the military to assign me a “D” tax code but that never worked well and, obviously now, with the complicated higher band shenanigans, wouldn’t work at all.

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