Cornel West speaks out!

The crucial issues of a $15 minimum wage and saying no to fracking, no to TPP, no to Israeli occupation and yes to single-payer healthcare were pushed aside

Seriously, that’s all he’s got? That’s the revolutionary manifesto these days?

13 thoughts on “Cornel West speaks out!”

  1. “no to Israeli occupation”

    All the shit going on in the world and these cunts still can’t shut up about the Jews.

  2. In terms of numbers of lives at stake, you do wonder why the Congolese and later Sudanese civil wars haven’t dominated every election cycle in the West, for decades. Myanmar, Sri Lanka or Kashmir ought to have been burning issues, come to that.

  3. I’ve always found it fascinating just how little comment there is about the ruthless way in which Sri Lanka dispatched the Tamils, compared to the Israel/Palestinian situation.

  4. “Myanmar, Sri Lanka or Kashmir ought to have been burning issues, come to that”

    Yep. The continued obsession about an ongoing territorial barny in small patch of sand in the levant, never ceases to amaze me.

    At least the Israelis did something useful with their bit of sand. They took a historically interesting, but economically irrelevant, country and turned it into a thriving 1st world state in a few decades. Chapeau!

  5. The main driver of left wing politics in Western Europe and the US is self-hatred. So when looking overseas, the demons are always the ones who look like themselves; so Jews in Israel and white South Africans.

    Black african oppressors slaughtered millions up and down the continent, but lefties got het up about blacks in SA being denied the vote and the nice bit of the beach.

    If only lefty scum had the courage of their convictions, cut to the chase and killed themselves.

  6. The Israeli “occupation”? That, in a nutshell, is why they lost. Trump hoovered up blue collar democrat votes while the upper middle-class party members ponced about crying about Palestine.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    The on-going demonisation of Israel is interesting to watch. The American Left, so dominated by New York Jews, has been slow to adopt anti-Zionism. The European Left was there a long time before them. But there will be two inevitable results:

    1. Israel will be delegitimised. So just as America cannot kill anyone without the Right On screaming while anyone with a slightly darker skin tone can kill to their heart’s content, anything Israel does will also be unacceptable. They are the next South Africa, and

    2. Will America’s Jews be pushed into the Republican camp? Jews have stubbornly continued to hate White America more than, for instance, Black Muslims. But many British Jews were pushed into the Tory camp. White Southerners were pushed into the Republican camp. White Northern (non-Jewish and often Catholic) Democrats are being so as we speak. But for the Jews to abandon the Left would be a big step indeed.

  8. Ah, Israel, the only country in the ME where lefties are tolerated, their social programme implemented and there is equality before the law!

  9. ‘No to fracking.’

    WTF? That puppy has been dead for years.

    ‘The unfair treatment of Bernie Sanders’

    Sanders is not a Democrat. Impossible to treat him unfairly.

    ‘The monumental collapse of the Democratic party . . . has not yielded any serious soul-wrestling or substantive visionary shifts among its leadership.’

    He is right about this. The leadership says it’s Russia’s fault.

    ‘Only the ubiquitous and virtuous Bernie remains true to the idea of fundamental transformation of the party’

    Sanders still isn’t a member of the party.

    ‘Even as we forge a united front against Trump’s neofascist efforts, we must admit the Democratic party has failed us and we have to move on.’

    Blind Left. Trump’s objective is to unravel the fascist state. It is the Dems who are National Socialists.

    ‘And if a class-conscious multi-racial party attuned to anti-sexist, anti-homophobic and anti-militaristic issues and grounded in ecological commitments can reconfigure our citizenship, maybe our decaying democracy has a chance.’

    Well, okay then. Our democracy has no chance.

  10. “And if a class-conscious multi-racial party attuned to anti-sexist, anti-homophobic and anti-militaristic issues and grounded in ecological commitments can reconfigure our citizenship,”

    Anti-White, anti-American party tries to figure out why they’re losing. Suggests electing a new people.

  11. Weirdly, politicians appealing to the Pakistani community in the UK (often but not always ethnic minorities themselves) tend to do so by vowing Justice for Palestine, far more than they do Justice for Kashmir – this is something I’ve not figured out either. Is it acknowledged that Britain just couldn’t shift India’s position over Kashmir, no leverage over there? Or is it recognised that with plenty of Indian-origin voters in the UK, campaigning over Kashmir here is a zero sum game? Or do British-Pakistanis actually care more about Palestine than Kashmir?

  12. MBE: Palestine is a popular cause among Muslims because it’s not controversial. Kashmir is controversial and the UK has a lot of Indians you don’t want to offend.

    The UK also has Jews, but they don’t matter. They’re not Zionists. If they were, they’d move to Israel. Since they’re not Zionists, they might like the abstract idea of there being a Jewish state (“Isn’t it cool that there’s a country where everyone is like us?”) but they don’t care much for the particulars of any territorial dispute this Jewish state is involved in.

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