Could someone define fake news for me?

The billionaire founder of eBay is to donate $100 million to fund investigative journalism and to combat the spread of misinformation online.

Pierre Omidyar, one of the world’s richest men, aims to tackle the “global trust deficit” by giving money to projects around the world.

The funds will be dispersed over the next three years through the Omidyar Network, the philanthropic investment firm which he and his wife founded in 2004 and which has committed more than $1 billion to good causes.

Perhaps a red flashing cop light beside an article which contains any of the following lies?

The minimum wage does not cause job losses.

Corporations should pay more tax.

Global inequality is rising.

US child poverty is over 20%.

We have widespread poverty in the UK.

17% of UK families cannot afford enough food.

Just to give the answers

Yes, it does, but low ones cause low job losses

Corporations never bear the economic burden of any tax

Global inequality is falling, as is global poverty

That’s measuring child poverty before all the things we do to alleviate it. The correct number is 2 or 3% or so.

We have no poverty at all in the UK, we do have relative poverty, or as it is otherwise known, inequality.

The way the claim is presented it’s that 17% are in food poverty, missing a meal etc, at any one time. Actually, the statistic is calculated as anyone in a family or household who was in danger of having to skip a meal in the previous 12 months though lack of cash.

But then there’s no one out there willing to put up the cash to fight those sorts of lies, is there?

10 thoughts on “Could someone define fake news for me?”

  1. I had a moment of puzzlement as to why there are so many leftist millionaires.

    Then it became obvious that leftist=power-seeker.

    Obvious really. But not trivial.

  2. Mr Ecks: they would also like the big state to increase regulations in their industry to keep out newcomers who might do things better and cheaper.

  3. The definition of fake news is ‘sophistry’. The concept (or rather, pretending it’s something new) is itself fake news.

  4. Emergency / crisis hand outs are rising e.g. food banks
    Without land owner subsidies we risk starvation
    Obesity rising
    Overall cost to the taxpayer of tenants on Housing Benefit in private sector exceeds social sector so let’s build even more social housing.
    Strong government is needed ( heck there’s a Besley paper which shows weak democracies do best )
    It all needs pointing out every time.

  5. Actually, the statistic is calculated as anyone in a family or household who was in danger of having to skip a meal in the previous 12 months though lack of cash.

    Meanwhile, a couple of headlines from my Google news feed:

    Questions asked on how we stop people eating too much and putting pressure on the NHS (1)
    Health Check: Linking poverty to obesity (2)

    I think this is the policy equivalent of dropping a cat with a piece of buttered toast tied to its back.


  6. Bullseye, Ljh.

    Having worked in companies that range from a few blokes in one room up to a multi-national, I can tell you that the regulatory burden was a heck more of a problem at the one-room end.

    They are pulling the ladder up behind them.

    You get a fair number of privately-educated folks with the same attitude. Some of them turn up in the Labour Party.

  7. The Kennedy’s of Massachusetts are infamous for being leftist millionaires. Leftyism protects their wealth. They invoke government to undertake charity; they posture about government helping.

    They care so much, they take out YOUR wallet, not theirs.

  8. Bloke in Wiltshire

    The “fake news” thing is partly true, but really, it’s about the fact that other people’s fake news is winning battles rather than the establishment’s fake news. Everyone is mentioning the £350m to the NHS #fakenews. No-one is mentioning the threat to roaming charges that never happened.

  9. I got home on Sunday after the shops had closed and ended up with just a cup of tea for supper. I’m in food poverty!!!!

  10. That’s funny jgh. There’s been a few Easter Sundays when I’ve completely forgotten that almost all the shops are closed. Money in the purse but no food in the belly is the outcome. Until 5 o’clock when the takeaways open.

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