Dateline: April 19, 2017. Location: Usti nad Labem, Bohemia

Occurence: It’s snowing for fuck’s sake.

Either that or the sparrowhawks are gorging on a feather pillow a couple of floors up.

27 thoughts on “Dateline: April 19, 2017. Location: Usti nad Labem, Bohemia”

  1. It was snowing in Austria on Saturday & Sunday too with another metre of powder expected this week.

    Just as I was leaving from a snowboarding trip.

    Made the drive over Fernpass somewhat interesting…

  2. There was one year when we experienced British snow in May and in September. So the convention of talking about ‘summer’ as June/July/August looked pretty prudent.

  3. Anyway, the answer to Tim is “Of course it’s bloody snowing, the cricket season has started”.

  4. @dearieme
    I can remember being in Gillingham, Kent (yes, I know. dogs-on-strings-ville) about 25/30 years ago & seeing cars driving past with thick snow on the roofs. That must have been in late May. As far as I’d been concerned it’d been a warm, early summer’s day. In fact we we’re messing about on a roof & I’d removed my T-shirt because it was getting damned hot up there with the heat reflecting up off the tiles.
    Even climbed down & checked one of the parked ones. Yep. No optical illusion. Not carwash foam. Melting snow.

  5. Totally off topic this one. But does anyone know if they have done something with the Spectator Coffee house blogs to stop access? I used to be able to clear my browser of cookies and the cache etc and then log back in to get a couple more articles on the Coffee House, but have tried various browsers on my PC, tried my tablet and the phone and all are being blocked. Not sure if this is now over the whole site or they have somehow picked up on my MAC’s or something. Anyone else have issues, I know a lot of you go to the site?


  6. Anyone else have issues, I know a lot of you go to the site?

    Used to, gave up reading when they insisted on registrations.

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Gamecock: that’s why I live 10° N.

    I remember as a kid going to Longleat safari park in mid-May and starting to see strange white clumps around Salisbury. By the time we got to Warminster it was a metre deep and overhead lines had come down from the weight of ice. Needless to say the park was 95% shut down and all we could do was sit in the tea room for an hour or so and then head home. God knows what the lions made of it.

    I’ve also experienced snow flurries in Bradford on the 21st of June, which just seemed to be taking the piss.

  8. Bloke no Longer in Austria


    are you getting the big banner that takes upthe whole screen ? If you reduce the size of the image in the briowser ( it is CTRL – (i.e. minus on the number pad) on my keyboard) you can get to the little “x” in the top right corner to dispel it. The Speccie is a bit inconsistent, usually it gives me the “2 articles left” warning, but occasionally says that there are none left. I assumed that it was to do with the certificate for https access, as I always clear my cache and cookies with each session.

    Apparently snowing in Berlin too, so my pal says.

  9. @BiCR.

    Ah, Longleat. That brings back childhood memories. Family day trip with my dad’s works. Dad lost tickets for boat trip. We get home just in time to see England go 2-0 up against W Germany. Surely we can’t lose? Then Ramsey substitutes Charlton.

  10. Daedalus


    I go in with an old version of Opera and all the toys switched off (including JS).

    It’s a bit more of a mess now visually (than before) but no problems at all with the links themselves / text content

  11. I thought it was gay marriage that caused bad weather. Or was it bad weather causes gay marriage? I can never remember.

  12. Speccie Coffee House: I’ve given up going there and just use Quite RSS to update and view a fraction of the content, mainly that bit submitted by Douglas Murray (pbuh), Rod Liddle and Brendan O’Neill.

    Why would one pay for material from Nick Cohen or Alex Massie or Matthew Parris any more than one would pay to read DNR Reed?

    Isabel Hardman is so anodyne as to be no more than lift music. Gavin Mortimer writes about France without understanding French.

    Steerpike deserves a special mention for latching on to potentially funny stuff while simultaneously strangling the humour after Guido has akready milked the joke.

    Fraser Nelson can’t be bothered to check his copy for literals but he’d like us to pay to read his paper.


  13. @TMB

    “Isabel Hardman is so anodyne as to be no more than lift music.”

    That’s a bit unfair. She’s pretty fit, IMO.

  14. @gamecock

    Agreed 35N is excellent, except I may regret this statement when it hits 45 degrees this summer!

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