Dunno really

The National Grid has announced Britain’s first full day without coal power “since the Industrial Revolution”.

A combination of low demand for electricity and an abundance of wind meant the grid completed 24 hours relying on just gas, nuclear and renewables.

Engineers at the company said Friday marked a “historic” milestone in Britain’s shift away from carbon fuels, and that coal-free days would become increasingly common.

Was Drax online burning those wood chips that are even more polluting than coal?

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  1. This is SO NOT the point.

    Of course this can happen. But we can’t make it happen so it requires back up. Two systems to guarantee one load.

    Then there is the problem of surges and drops.

    Despatchable is the keyword and this is so NOT despatchable that it is a menace to the system.

    Oh and did I mention cost?

    This is economic suicide by a million cuts.

  2. Scummy eco-freak bastards.

    Cut the subsidies and lets see how “chipper” the cunts will be then.

  3. “a “historic” milestone in Britain’s shift away from carbon fuels”


    Not just low demand but also sucking in power from the interconnects to Ireland and Europe at almost the max. Not reliant on coal, but now reliant on other states.

  4. ….and the frogs running at 95% nuclear, with higher demand plus selling to the Swiss, Spain, Italy and UK.

  5. So the UK would prefer to kill pensioners in winter than provide the cheapest electricity, but globally thermal coal consumption is still predicted to increase for the next 20 plus years, albeit modestly. There is a conflict between the need for cheap energy in the developing world and those who would, for ideological reasons, prefer that dark skinned people continue to live without reliable power.

    The coking coal market is very much stronger with prices reacting strongly to any potential threat to supply, e.g. The recent spike due to Cyclone Debbie’s impact on rail infrastructure.

  6. a “historic” milestone in Britain’s shift away from carbon fuels

    Yeah, well, except for the gas.

  7. Eliminate all your coal plants, every day will be coal-free (sic) days.

    Kill your customers, demand will drop. End of supply will result in reduced demand.


  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Remember that Saturday is Earth Day. So it is time to celebrate the achievements of Western civilisation.

    By, for instance, taking the car out for a spin and turning on all the lights you can.

    Leave these hair-shirt puritan Greens to their fake religion with its fake holidays. Celebrate Western Man’s enormous gifts to the world!

  9. Since the Industrial Revolution? So, since about 1750? I don’t remember my history of electricity mentioning all these Georgian power stations.

    The Industrian Revolution is generally agreed to have started when the Derbys started ironmaking in the 1720s and had more or less completed the process of converting Britain to an industrial country by about 1790 when the Derbys were making railway tracks.

  10. “Was Drax online burning those wood chips that are even more polluting than coal?”

    Between midnight on the 20th, and midnight on the 21st, “Biomass” (according to BM Reports) was producing a steady 2080MW give or take a few MW. So in answer to your question – YES.

  11. Quite, Clarissa, and coke remains the key ingredient for smelting iron today, hence the high price of coking coal.

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