Guardian in not getting economics shocker

UK inflation is only going one way. Let’s hope interest rates don’t follow

What is the standard method of curbing inflation?

Raising interest rates.

5 thoughts on “Guardian in not getting economics shocker”

  1. I’m inflation has been at record lows for ten years. Ditto interest rates. There is only one direction they can move.

  2. “Last month’s inflation figure was flattered by the timing of Easter, which led to a sharp fall in the annual cost of air fares”

    It took me a while out what on earth he could possibly be trying to say. I think he means the data for LAST Easter was included, misleadingly inflating last year’s costs.

    So he can’t write.

  3. Shirley inflation is caused by the Government spending too much money into the economy and not taxing it out fast enough so using interest rates is the wrong lever.

    Cutting Government spending and increasing taxes must be the correct method.

  4. “UK inflation is only going one way.”

    Inflation of balloons, tyres, and egos are also going just one way.


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