Guardian journos and economic numbers…..

But on the campaign trail he also consistently pledged to cut the US’s $19tn deficit “big-league” and “very quickly”.

Err, no, that’s the debt.

A 20-percentage-point cut to corporate tax rates alone would add $2.4tn to the national debt, according to nonpartisan pressure group Americans for Tax Fairness.

And that’s bollocks because that’s over a decade.


7 thoughts on “Guardian journos and economic numbers…..”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    They said that Obama’s stimulus was not big enough and he should have spent more. Certainly Krugman did. Because, after all, interest rates are low so more debt doesn’t matter.

    I look forward to Krugman and the Guardian supporting this.

  2. “nonpartisan pressure group Americans for Tax Fairness.”

    What glory!!!! A non-partisan pressure group would be one contradiction in terms too many, but a non-partisan “tax fairness” group?

  3. nonpartisan pressure group Americans for Tax Fairness.

    Let me guess – if we dug a little deeper (say, just turned the topsoil over) we’d find that “non-partisan” turns out to be “not all of them are current Democrat politicians”.

  4. You’ve got to say “non-partisan” in American in order to keep your tax exempt status…..

    Very good..

    back in blighty – cough spud cough

  5. So when a bunch of lefties calls themselves non-partisan, they’re lying and dodging tax at the same time.

    Bigly hypocrisy.

  6. SMFS,

    Why exactly would you expect Krugman to support fiscal stimulus for rich people when the economy is doing well?

    The Guadrian won’t support the plan because it’s politically incorrect.

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