Happy Delusion Day

Much of the media and establishment are saying this election is a foregone conclusion … They say I don’t play by the rules – their rules. We can’t win, they say, because we don’t play their game.

They’re quite right: I don’t. And a Labour government elected on 8 June won’t play by their rules.

26 thoughts on “Happy Delusion Day”

  1. I had the following exchange with a lefty Corbynista friend yesterday:

    He: “Could be the best GE since 1997.”

    Me: “It’ll be fun. It’ll be the best for the Tories since ’83”

    He: “Yeah, not so sure about that.
    With the press only accurately reporting Corbyn 11% of the time… I think the GE will get JC on TV, in debates, in a way that his message can’t be ignored or changed. In blind testing, JC’s policies are very popular. It’s only the smear campaign against him that undermines his appeal.”

    As long as that level of delusion keeps up with that lot, all will be well.

  2. I think playing the anti-establishment card is JC’s best hope.

    How, exactly, he’s anti-establishment, I don’t know.

  3. @Raffles

    “I think playing the anti-establishment card is JC’s best hope.

    How, exactly, he’s anti-establishment, I don’t know.”

    Well he does support some very anti-establishment folks like Hamas…

  4. OT but I just found this link to Lew Rockwell’s site linking to some US femmi-freak leftist saying that she just loves having her nails done by girls in nail bars in the US. Many of whom are Vietnamese.

    You know those same nail bars that –here in the UK so our Dear Leader Dress-Up believes–have 100,000 under-age Viet girls being held prisoner and forced to work as prossies from such premises.

    “Kari Lerum

    This is an autoethnography about the role of nail salons in relation to my own evolving feminist and femme consciousness. Through a story of desire, grief, isolation, and recuperation, I explore the ways that the development of my sexual and gender identities relies on women’s intimacy within and across lines of commodification, race, class, and sexuality. In so doing, I attempt to reconcile my desire for high femme signifiers with working-class, anti-racist, and anti-colonialist solidarity, to articulate what I term a FemmeNist consciousness.”

    Wonder what she talks to the poor girls about? Bad enough enforced prostitution and cutting nails but being patronised by the Marxian scum of the Earth would seem to be the unkindest clip of all.

  5. “Raffles

    I think playing the anti-establishment card is JC’s best hope.

    How, exactly, he’s anti-establishment, I don’t know.”

    But….he’s a man of principles.

    For decades he stuck to his principles and defied and disagreed with the policies of the party he was a member of.

    The fact that he could have left this party that he so disagreed with and joined one that had policies that he did agree with is beside the point. The Greens, for example. The Trade Union and Socialist Coalition for example. Both parties that have policies much, much closer to Corbyn’s stated beliefs.

    But let’s be honest, those parties have naf all chance of winning (Brighton excepted and Brighton is miles from London). Naf all chance of providing a decent salary and decent pension. Naf all chance of providing a cushy career,

    So if your principles are your financial self-preservation it’s pretty obvious what to do.

  6. I had a similar conversation yesterday…
    Him “Name me somewhere other than the Tories and Murdoch press that gives this bad impression of Corbyn”

    Me “Guardian, Indy, Labour leaning blogs, Corbyn’s own mouth”

    Him *explodes into a rant about Blairites taking over the blogs*

    Deluded isn’t the word, and the desparation of the Left is all over social media.

  7. The Tories have been keeping shtum about the many, many, many mental things Corbyn has said and done over the last 30 years. And now it’s time to dust off the teetering tower of folders of nuttiness. One story a day will be enough. JC turns into a snippy, babbling fool when confronted with ‘negative’ stories (aka ‘Things he has said and done’).


    It’s going to be jolly good fun.

  8. I’m loving this delusion that the press have been going hard on JC. For a man with as many skeletons in his closet as him, he’s been given every opportunity and been soft-balled. As she said once at PMQ’s TM hoped to face him over the despatch box for a very long time – the soft-balls have been to keep him damaged, but not to destroy him.

    Every time one of his stupid stunts has backfired, like the acting on the floor of a train carriage where he had a seat, has been blamed on media bias – what, so the media doesn’t play along with your obviously false tale and that’s bias? That kind of fake propaganda might have flown pre-smartphones when the press had a monopoly on reporting, but when almost everyone is running around with a 4G device in their pocket, you can’t play like that any more –
    guido will have the truth up within the hour. He’s still doing politics as if we’ve got the media environment of more than a decade ago.

  9. “With the press only accurately reporting Corbyn 11% of the time”

    Such accuracy, it almost makes you long to be living in an economy planned by them.

  10. @Dan – oh, people in the Lab heartlands will find all that stuff out alright. The “I am a marxist” clip from Macdonald will be a fun one, too.

  11. “With the press only accurately reporting Corbyn 11% of the time”

    By “accurately” they mean “favourably”, right?

  12. If he got proper airtime his support for the IRA would be plastered all over it. That’s not going to go down well with the traditional Labour voter.

  13. @abacab

    ““With the press only accurately reporting Corbyn 11% of the time”

    By “accurately” they mean “favourably”, right?”

    That was exactly my thought. At that point I decided not to pursue my deluded friend’s points at all, just replying ‘Very interesting’. I think he’s gone away thinking “Excellent – he has no argument – another chip at righty’s worldview foundations”. Nope. Just further confirmation of the left’s delusions.

    On another note, Private Eye have been drawing some good stuff about Corbyn and co(mrades) in their “New Old Left” section over the last 2 years.

  14. I was explaining to an Australian Labor Party supporter that in the UK, traditional Labour voters will not vote Labour if there is a commie arsehole in charge. This is in marked contrast to Australia where the arsehole leader of the Labor Party, Bill Shorten, is odds on to be next PM. This is a man who said on live TV “I don’t know what she (Julia Gillard) said, but I fully support it.”

  15. @BIND

    Brighton is the source of the greens only MP so you could be right, however explaining to someone that targeting their mum/dad/uncle/aunt/grandparents that worked in the hotel was acceptable might be more tricky

  16. DocBud: Shorten isn’t nearly as left-wing as Corbyn though. Politically he’s pretty mainstream ALP.

  17. Bloke in Lower Hutt

    DocBud: Chin up, even if Bull Shittin does get the gig, the revolving door on the Aussie PMs office means he’ll be out again a few months later.

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