How times change, eh?

Concerns of Russian meddling loom over French election

When it looks like lefties might lose an election (or even when they have) then today’s cry is “Russian Interference”.

When lefties were winning elections 40 and 50 years ago, when Russia really was influencing, we didn’t quite hear the same cries, did we?

Certainly Trump hasn’t done anything close to what Earl Browder did, Marine nothing like the funding of the Morning Star. But it’s all terribly important these days, isn’t it? As it wasn’t back then?

Actually, if there’s a decent historian out there who can also write very fast I’d suggest a quickie book before the French elections. Actual documented flows of Russian money into French elections in the past….

25 thoughts on “How times change, eh?”

  1. “the funding of the Morning Star”. Remember that when it was discovered that Michael Foot was on the take from the USSR he claimed that the money was all for Tribune.

  2. Another cloth-eared syllogism from Violet Elizabeth Newremaniac – if you don’t support communism you must be a supporter of fascism. That’s up there with if you buy kippers on a Tuesday, it will not rain.

  3. Henry

    Everybody who is not on my wavelength is extreme right/fascist.

    Simples. It’s binary (as they say nowadays).

    Not voting for the regulars who have let us down/screwed us royally/don’t have a clue what they are doing/despise us = Populism = dangerous = fascism

  4. Given that communism, socialism and fascism are all branches of the same tree, and given the well-known solidarity and comradeship between the Peoples’ Front of Judea and the Judean Peoples’ Front, then “if you don’t support communism you must be a supporter of fascism” is not a completely unrealistic statement.

  5. BiW

    Given that the Left support statism, socialism and dictators in general, surely it should be:

    “if you support communism you probably also support fascism”

    as they are virtually identical (at least to the poor people who are forced to live under them).

  6. The Inimitable Steve

    I don’t like the sound of European Facsim. Can’t we use email attachments instead?

  7. @JJ: I was relying on memory so I don’t have a link to give you. My memory isn’t wonderful but I back it on this point: a hullabaloo was made about Foot’s activities. Whether the hullabaloo was later proven to be ill-founded I don’t know: the Indie doesn’t contain anything you could call proof or disproof.

    There was nothing intrinsically unlikely about its being true; Gordievsky had a rather good record with his revelations. He was right, for instance, about Gott, a KGB man at the Guardian.

    This article from the Tel expands on Foot’s activities.

  8. TIS: Farron looks like his captors have just told him “Don’t worry Tim–the shotgun blast will go straight through that bottle of de-natured milk.”

    NewRemainia: You don’t want Tim supporting Europe’s corporate socialists cos’ that’s your job as EU stooge(unpaid).

  9. And let’s not forget how, before the war, Russia used French communists to weaken political opposition to the Nazis to to point of complete national moral collapse.

  10. The Inimitable Steve

    Mr Ecks – Excellent.

    I hear Tim Farron is still trying to track down that freaky Zoltar Fortune Teller machine that aged him 30 years overnight.

  11. @wat dabney
    No. The Soviets & the Nazis being on the same team in’39 must never be mentioned, can it.

  12. Social Justice Warrior

    Remember that when it was discovered that Michael Foot was on the take from the USSR…

    It was discovered that Michael Foot was not on the take from the USSR. As the Sunday Times found itself admitting in the High Court.

  13. “It was discovered that Michael Foot was not on the take from the USSR”

    Of course a socialist stooge would work for nothing.

  14. “It was discovered that Michael Foot was not on the take from the USSR. As the Sunday Times found itself admitting in the High Court” Not so – you should look at the Telegraph link I supplied above. The Sunday Times gave in because it couldn’t prove its case. But Foot had carefully sued the paper not the man with the evidence, Gordievsky. To save you the trouble here’s the link again.

  15. Social Justice Warrior

    That bit about Foot not suing Gordievsky exposes Moore for the lying shit he is. Foot sued the Sunday Times because it published the lie: he didn’t sue Gordievsky because he didn’t publish it.

    Gordievsky joined the KGB in 1963 and was posted to Copenhagen. He’d have had no first hand knowledge of these alleged contacts, which, by his account, ended in the 60s. The people who would have known say it’s a ridiculous smear.

  16. The Soviets weren’t stupid. Why would they pay someone to destroy this country with socialism, when Foot would have been happy to do it for free?

  17. From SJW:

    “. he didn’t sue Gordievsky because he didn’t publish it.”

    From the Telegraph article:

    “Note that Foot did not sue Gordievsky for his book of memoirs (Next Stop Execution) from which the claims derived”

    So Gordievsky did publish it.

  18. Social Justice Warrior

    No, Gordievsky did not publish the lie. The Sunday Times libel came from a pre-publication version.

    Here‘s The Spectator review to confirm that.

  19. SJW

    I’ve skimmed the Spectator article cited and I can only come up with this quote:

    ” . . . the hash the Sunday Times made of its attempt to generate interest in its serialisation of Next Stop Execution particularly its bungled handling of the allegation that Michael Foot was a KGB agent”

    which reads to me – not having read G’s book – that G’s allegation concerning Foot was more circumspect than an outright unnuanced claim that he was a KGB agent but that the Sunday Times was rather less circumspect in its use of the allegation – and suffered accordingly.

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