Britain is preparing to scrap EU green energy targets which will add more than £100 to the average energy bill as part of a bonfire of red tape after Brexit.

The UK is currently committed to getting 15 per cent of all energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar by 2020.

Because such targets always have been the wrong way of dealing with this.

Id there nothing Brexit cannot do?

13 thoughts on “Hurrah!”

  1. What the UK would like , no doubt is to have all the benefits of the EU , environmental Policy International standards , free access to all markets and so on . On the other hand they want to make none of the compromises required on sovereignty costs and cooperation
    That is what we are not going to get. Each time someone claps the end of some protection of workers, environment or industry the twine stretches and the reality of self-inflicted poverty comes closer.
    The bottom line truth is that outside the EU there is no sustainable choice but to become an unregulated Friedmanite experiment .On Conservative Home they are increasingly explicit about it . How are the regions who are going to suffer, going to react to that I wonder. I doubt they will blame their own stupidity ( as I do )
    That pain would be shorter at least, but the signs are that Mayism is going to resemble Butskellism and the future is one of decline ,rotting cheap housing political extremism and bitter division.

    I think you are very brave to want to own this …

  2. “The bottom line truth is that outside the EU there is no sustainable choice but to become an unregulated Friedmanite experiment .”

    Nonsense. There is large spectrum of options – and the Friedmanite one option.

    “…the future is one of decline ,rotting cheap housing political extremism and bitter division.”

    So we are doomed, are we? Just because we are leaving the Fourth Reich?

  3. Violet Elizabeth Newremania has been at the Mescaline again.

    All the benefits of the EU? And pray tell, what are those? Are you saying that Britain isn’t able to decide for itself what is a workable environmental policy without the cabalists in Brussels/Strasbourg rubber stamping it first? That we are incapable of governing ourselves and need a supra-national organisation to tell us what to do?

    Does mummy still wipe your bottom for you?

  4. Tim, I know you’re a fan of renewable energy, which on paper seems like a Good Thing. You’re also witty, which means capable of finding surprising logical connections that others haven’t found. It only takes one small logical jump to see that the present incarnation of renewable energy is unfit for purpose.

  5. Sure. That’s why I think that, in the end, we’re going to get electrolysis and the hydrogen cycle through fuel cells.

    That’s also why, when I did spend some of my own money in the field it was on a method of supporting that cycle.

  6. If we are junking the EU’s green–ie Marxist-eco-cockrot –why do we still have the bullshit 15% garbage.

    Scrap it and drop the corporate socialist system of energy companies who are up the state’s arse. To their benefit and everybody else’s cost.

    Henry Crun: NewRemainia doesn’t have a mother. He was found in a dustbin behind Ted Heath’s house. And raised by Jackal’s at London Zoo.

  7. Tim, where, pray, is the energy to come from to electrolyse water? If you say ‘the sun’, then where is the sufficient light collecting area to do this on the scale required, given the overall efficiency of the process? This is a bit old but covers physical limitations on renewable energy:

    I expect that eventually there will be economic ways of harvesting energy renewably. The sign of this will be the point when the energy from the renewable process is economic enough to use to build more of it. We are nowhere near there yet.

  8. Is that written correctly? Scrapping EU targets will add £100 to bills? Or should it be: Scrapping EU targets that would have added £100 to bills.

    Checks link. Ah. The Telegraph.

  9. How much of the £50bn the EU wants off us is to carry on doing this shite we want no part of?

    Most of it must have been crap you have to take part in to be part of the EU, now we’re leaving they don’t want us to drop out.

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