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Tax Day Reading of Our Glorious Tax Code at IRS HQ in DC

This Tax Day, April 18, will see the first-ever public reading of our glorious Tax Code.

This riveting event begins at 7 a.m. in front of IRS headquarters in Washington, DC.

The good people of the Tax Revolution Institute will keep going until it is too dark to carry on, or they lose their voices.

The absurdity of the event is intended to match the 74,000-page absurdity of the tax code.

To witness this madness, go to the IRS building on Tuesday, April 18, located at 1111 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC — or watch live at TaxRevolution.us.

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  1. 74,000 is somewhat of an exaggeration. Statutes are only 2600 pages and IRS regulations bring that up to around 9000. The rest is case law. We could reduce the the tax code to just 8 words (“Just give us a quarter of your earnings”) and there would still be thousands of pages of case law. You can’t make that complexity go away.

    The UK’s number is 17,000 pages. But when the Guardian calls this “the most disingenuous in the world” by comparing it to Hong Kong’s 276-page tax code, it’s being silly. I’m sure the notion of case law and precedent exist in HK as well.

  2. “Statutes are only 2600 pages and IRS regulations bring that up to around 9000.”

    Cripes. When it’s that long there’s no need for exaggeration.

  3. HMRC: on one of the MSE forums a chap called polymaff has been trying to explain the interaction of the income tax personal allowance, savings allowance and dividend allowance. He has established (I think) that HMRC itself doesn’t have an unambiguous grasp of the details, and that their code doesn’t implement correctly what they think they intended. They don’t expect to be able to get things right before March 2018. Since we’ll all have to get our tax returns in by January 31 that is rather a pity.

  4. Did my wife’s Singaporean tax return recently. All foreign earnings are exempt pretty much so nothing she has from abroad is included. All wage info is prepopulated. This only left income from renting out the spare room out to visitors. That took more time adding the receipts column up than anything else…

    20 minutes start to finish … all on my iPhone 6+…on a site that appears designed for phone screens…

    And now I have to do our UK returns. This normally takes me a few hours to gather all the nitty gritty about dividends, pension contributions, income from employment and rent, read up on tax treaties and allowances for withholding tax etc etc. Not doing all that on an iPhone I can tell you.

    The US returns as I understand them are more complex still.

  5. Re: Andrew again

    My Kiwi one this year is going to be similar. Most of the fields are pre-populated by the IRD so you just need to enter the stuff that they don’t have (overseas earnings is the main one now that my 4 year exemption period for new migrants is over). No CGT and I’m not in the business of trading in shares so no worries about whether the share sales attract tax. Should take me 5 minutes to complete it this year.

    If all of your income is NZ sourced then it should all have the correct tax deducted anyway so no need to file a return. You do have the choice of requesting a “Personal Tax Statement” which will tell you if something hasn’t gone right and you have paid too much / not enough tax (e.g. lumpy income) but if you do then you have to pay any tax that is due. Handily though you can get a pre-populated calculation that tells you if you will be in a refund or payment position so can decide whether or not to request the Statement!

  6. The business tax forms due March 15th ran to about 3/4″ with California adding another 1/2″. The personal tax forms ran another 3/4″ of an inch with another 1/2″ for California to take its Biblical Tithe. Small business friendly it is not.

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