It’s just so damn predictable, isn’t it? MOAR Europe!

Europe should create a new class of supranational MEPs after Brexit in order to demonstrate that the European project is “alive and kicking”, a high-level EU ministers meeting was told on Thursday.

Under the new plan, the 73 British seats in the European Parliament that will fall vacant after Brexit will be transformed into new seats representing a “a single European constituency”, according to a document submitted to EU’s General Affairs Council in Strasbourg.

The proposal over how to re-allocate the seats, which was tabled by the Italian foreign minister and has been seen by The Daily Telegraph, would enable all the “the European political families to contend them on a trans-national basis”.

First 10 seats on each of the major party lists will be jobs for life. At the disposal of the people running the parties and selecting the candidates of course. The voters won’t even get a look in.

But, you know, more Europe.

11 thoughts on “It’s just so damn predictable, isn’t it? MOAR Europe!”

  1. I don’t know how fast the European project will crumble but I guess as it gathers pace, each leaving country’s seats will be similarly reassigned with an end point where Wallonia is governed by the joint dispossessed political classes, or will it be Germany?

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    “The alternative would be to cut the seats altogether and shrink the European Parliament or to redistribute them – two options which, the Italian paper notes, will require redrafting of EU rules and spark bitter divisions between Europe’s political groupings as they fight over the new allocations.”

    What? I thought all was sweetness and light in the rEU and it was us Brits who were always spoiling the party (usually by pointing to reality, but that’s another discussion).

    In the interests of creating Ever Close Union they should go for FTP multi country constituencies, although they would probably need to be none contiguous. Think of the fun you could have creating them and to add to the gaiety they could have a rule that said the MP had to be from a country outside those constituencies. Imagine the campaigning in a constituency that covered, say, the Ruhr and Versailles?

  3. The Meissen Bison

    The 73 seats are UK “assets” and should be disposed of accordingly for political or financial advantage in the finest traditions of the EU and its institutions.

  4. And the reason they think Erdogan is a bastard is why, exactly?

    Because he’s a sole dictator?

    Because he did it quicker?

  5. Nothing quite improves the image of a remote, arrogant and out of touch supra-national organisation like cutting the already tenuous link with the voters.

  6. This sort of at-large functional constituency seats were imposed on Hong Kong as a transitionary arrangement as they were deemed too immature for proper full democracy. Similarly with senate seats in the US in the 18th century before they became fully-elected by the end of the 19th. So, the EU is explicitly saying they want the democratic strutures to go backwards. To a system used for immature democracies.

  7. would enable all the “the European political families to contend them on a trans-national basis”

    But would actual people be able to vote in them?

  8. EU arguing about what do with 73 MEP seats post Brexit raises a question

    Question: When a new country joins EU do existing EU member countries each lose some MEPs?

  9. Jgh,

    The US is a republic, not a democracy, “proper full” or otherwise.
    Now about being too immature – we do have a number of democrats.

  10. jgh,

    The state legislature electing Senators was designed to make them more beholden to the state rather than a political party. This unfortunately was done away with with the direct election of Senators. The purpose of the Senate was always gridlock.

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