Labour are going to win this

Latest is that they’ll have 160 seats.

That’s far too many, that could be considered a win. 16 would be too many of course….

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  1. 1 would be too many for the evil that is socialism.

    Even none –if there were more than 100 votes cast for it or its green freakshow variants in each seat.

    What socialism is and the record of what it has done is there for all who care to look. Only scum would vote for such a creed.

    That said–every person voting BluLab this time–which even I am (solely for Brexit)–should also take out some insurance by writing directly to May at Downing St. Telling her –politely (no need to give them the excuse to sicc the security scum on you) but firmly that no soft peddle, betrayal or EU sell-out is acceptable. And that she will earn the undying hatred and counter action of all of the millions she might otherwise think it in her interest to betray on behalf of her elite buddies.

    Millions of such letters arriving at D-street will be a salutary experience for Dress-Up.

    Those of a mind could also include a list of additional demands–the end of migration, the RoP lose the vote, the harrowing of Cultural Marxism, the arrest of Soros and his brood, no British person to be extradited from Britain ever, instant deportation of non-British criminals, etc, etc ,. This will serve to remind BluLab that Round 2 is coming and that Brexit is only the beginning.

  2. latest door knocking reports are that the homes in what are called “traditional Labour areas” are up for grabs here.

    I also think there’s an effect everywhere of Labour just timing out. Northerners hated the Tories because they blamed Thatcher. Right or wrong, that’s a fact. But someone who’s 35 today? Born in 1980? They aren’t going to have those deep emotional scars.

  3. The Labour vote may have fallen away in Scotland and large parts of the UK but running the latest poll figures on Electoral Calculus still gives them a rump of 130 seats from 25% of the vote.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I suspect that national polls aren’t going to be a true reflection of what’s likely to happen, again. There’s too many seats where Brexit can have an odd effect: Sitting remainers in a Brexit voting seats and vice versa is going to throw up a fair few anomalies that we wouldn’t have seen at other times.

    The 170 majority currently predicted at Electoral Calculus might not be all that it seems for May, there’ll be quite a lot of bore back benchers who see no chance preferment and are likely to be in seats they know they will lose. Lots of opportunities for “the bastards” to make a nuisance of themselves.

  5. I saw a poll on Sky News last night which was jaw-dropping (the sound was off so I am assuming it was a straight opinion poll)

    Voting intention in Wales:

    Conservative: 40%
    Labour: 30%
    (some others in the tens or so).

    The prediction was:

    Conservatives: 21 seats
    Labour: 15 seats

    If that happened it would be seismic. The Labour Party beaten in their own feifdom. Incredible.

  6. In my constituency the 2010 vote was as follows: 40% Labour (win), 30% LD, 25% Tory, 5% other. In 2015 this became 50% Labour (win), 10% LD, 25% Tory, 10% UKIP, 5% other.

    It is just about feasible that the LD could reclaim their past results. If the local Labour candidate then loses a further 5-10% points to the Tories as a result of the ‘Corbyn effect’, and UKIP loses 5% to the Tories as well, then it is just about possible that the Tories could win the seat. Very unlikely still, but I might vote BluLab just for the hell of it.

    It is possible that this is seen as a re-run of the referendum, and all other issues are considered secondary. This could lead to a swing away from the SNP in Scotland, among other things, as they themselves have a fair proportion of ‘true nationalists – i.e. anti UK union, anti European union’

  7. I’m not actually that fussed about who wins the election.

    There is a particular process that must play out though; regardless of who forms the government, the Commons must shift from 650 MPs for who the UK’s membership of the EU is simply a fact of life, to at least 450, probably about 500, for who Brexit is a fact of life.

    The secondary aspect is then defining what Brexit looks like.

  8. 160 Labour seats is perfect. Its shit enough that TM has a good majority to ram Brexit through if needed, but not shit enough that JC will be railroaded out before he has the chance to fully turn the Labour Party into a Hard Left one throughout (ie get rid of the non Hard Left MPs) . Then Labour ends up as a minority party, the new SDP that will inevitably form will be competing for the Left wing vote with both Labour and the Lib Dems, meaning the Tories have a free run.

  9. “The Labour Party beaten in their own feifdom. Incredible.”

    Is it ? It’s entirely possible that they may have zero Scottish MPs in 6 weeks time. Their one MP now only exists because of tactical anti-SNP voting.

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