Listen to me. Listen to me! Listen! To! Me! Meeeee!

There is a certain surrealness about blogging at present. There’s this slight, but persistent and nagging feeling that no one is listening.

39 thoughts on “Listen to me. Listen to me! Listen! To! Me! Meeeee!”

  1. Man with blog would like it if someone reads his blog shocker.

    Says another man who links where he posts elsewhere and has a vainglory sidebar.

    I don’t understand your obsession, Tim. Your unverifiable quotes (no links/fake news) paints a straw-clutching naïf, but having a go at their self-promotion – and it is vague with this post – is rather the point of blogging, no?

  2. Richard went on to say the blog traffic was fine so this is rather that no-one any where near the levers of power are asking his advice, with the exception of Scotland. So really its that speaking engagements on his fave topics have dried up a little.

  3. Tim – I rather think you are the only person who regularly reads his loathsome little blog.

    I don’t know why you bother.

    your non-Ritchie posts are more amusing, informing and educational.

  4. I’ve only been lurking here for a matter of months. I’d love to know the genesis of your feud with R.M.

    I’m impressed with the amount of time and effort you put into highlighting his inconsistencies and stupidity, but I can’t help but feel that its below you to have such an ineffectual nemesis.

  5. There is a continuing danger Murphy will be taken at his word and become able to actually influence stuff. This blog’s continuing exposure of his idiocy is work worth doing.

  6. But the Tax Research material is out there to read, to like, dislike, criticise, support or what. What really worries me is all the stuff between lobbyists, agencies, etc. companies etc. and ministers and civil servants that we never see and never will.

  7. Murphy’s inane and insane witterings are reported upon widely and uncritically.

    The arrogant cvnt is even being used now as authority in support of independence for Scotland FFS.

    It should be viewed as an absolute requirement for all intelligent and reasonable people to point out, regularly and repeatedly, his consistent and unremitting fvckwittery and evil intentions

  8. There is a part of me thinks he will go away and cease to exist if we just ignore him. Indeed I am certain he will eventually cease to exist simply because he is being ignored. In the meantime he has come perilously close actually to influencing things in the UK and he is proving himself to be a persistent little parasite, turning his attention to Scolltland when people in England just stopped listening. And of course his ravings have become ever more ludicrous, ever more designed to provoke publicity.

    So all-in-all, I think there is a residual need to provide a riposte to his ravings, to remind people what idiocy he spouts, what… anti-knowledge.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Cockroaches scuttle for cover when you shine a light on them. If Murphy is left unchallenged one day we’re going to turn the kitchen light on and find the whole fucking place is infested.

  10. I’m with Napsjam, Theo, Ironman and Bravefart.

    Murphy is dangerous.

    Saying we should ignore him is like saying we should ignore snake oil salesmen who claim they can cure cancer. If everyone ignored them, fine, but there are always people desperate enough to listen because they are being told what they want to hear and so we have a duty to always be ready to challenge the latest tax or economics shyte he spouts. It’s not a question of him having an alternate view, it’s that his view is dangerous to all of us if we want to keep the economic stability and success we have had because if anyone thinks the banking crisis was a crisis, it would pale into insignificance compared to the shit storm that would happen should the likes of Murphy ever get to be in charge.

  11. Meiac

    I don’t understand your obsession. You continually post on here querying Tim’s ridiculing of the Spud. Are you Spud’s poodle? I admit Spud represents something of a fat fish in the bottom inch of water in only half a barrel but as I always say when someone says “easy target”;

    “so was Dresden but that didn’t stop us”.

  12. I’ve assumed the beginning of the end was when he became a professor. Wanted a quiet life surrounded by likeminded people, regular income.

    He must know that his side of politics won’t get power until 2025 at the earliest – he will be nearly 70. Scotland is his only hope.

  13. AndrewC: “I don’t understand your obsession.”

    Not an obsession – Overlord Ecks is more interesting and I won’t get moderated. By-the-bye.

    It’s a pointless critique – there’s always some sort of vehicle in the morning.

    It’s links.

    Obviously I’m not in with the in-joke, the man’s not liked and on a par with Gillian McKeith, but it just seems pointless, and for browsers indeed, mildly OCD.

    I guess it’s bums on seats, Overlord Ecks with s/h/its elbow.

  14. Spud’s feeling that no-one is listening to his blogging (shouldn’t tat be “reading…”?) would be less acute if he hadn’t banned so many readers, who now leave it to Tim to keep us updated on his output.

  15. Bloke in North Dorset

    Just to echo the others. Anyone who proudly writes books called The Courageous State and The Joy of Tax is clearly a danger to our economic and political welfare and must be opposed in every way possible.

    I’m not as up with the [lack of] economics shown by Spud but I’ve enjoyed the education of Tim’s take downs as well as his approach and also the excellent contribution of a large number of commentators here.

  16. Nick, someone is on there suggesting he is only willing to talk to like minded people, and is hostile to those he opposes.

    He disagrees, then tells that bloke to stop wasting his time.

  17. For my sins, I have to confess I do find it worth listening:

    Chris W says:

    I have a fantasy of locking you, Richard, in a room with a group of others who I hold in great esteem such as George Monbiot, John Christensen, Paul Mason, Owen Jones, Naomi Klein, and Noam Chomsky

    Fantasies are good…..

  18. “Your unverifiable quotes (no links/fake news) paints a straw-clutching naïf, but having a go at their self-promotion – and it is vague with this post – is rather the point of blogging, no?”

    Try English.

  19. Yeah, there are some words missing. Squashing two sentences together without proofing. So:

    Tim writes that Murphy is shit (I was mealy-mouthed about that bit) and quotes without links.

    Tim says Murphy is self-aggrandising but the bit quoted above doesn’t really imply that. Maybe the rest of the post on Murphy’s blog does – but no links.

    Self-aggrandising is part of blogging – there’s a fair amount on here.

    In-jokes does as in-jokes do, no big deal, just a lot of scrolling through pages of posts with repeated, identical insults.

  20. “Why the living fuck are you here then?”

    Hey we should encourage the likes of meiac etc here, cos I suspect they’re Lefties on the cusp. If you have half a brain it can’t be much fun in a Lefty echo chamber, at least here with us wrong ‘uns its a bit more lively, we even disagree with each other half the time. I think its becoming apparent that the Right are where the fun is at, and the Left have become stultifyingly dull po faced twats. We should encourage the ones on the edge to visit us and see what really being a bit edgy is all about.

  21. I assume that TW doesn’t link to Spud’s blog because he (a) doesn’t want to give him any extra traffic, on the basis that if (b) anyone clicked trhough and then had the temerity to criticise the 0.2 of a Prof they’d be instantly moderated, thus a futile exercise.

    TW’s blog appears happy to host comments from the likes of meiac, RM’s finds dissenters bunged into the oubliette PDQ.

  22. Interested

    Why the living fuck is anyone anywhere?



    Something like that. And that totalitarian twat Overlord Ecks. She’s a funny man.

  23. And that totalitarian twat Overlord Ecks. She’s a funny man.

    You, on the other hand, meiac are as funny as cancer of the bumhole.

  24. Not sure why Meiac is on here either but obviously unlike TRUK TW as far as I am aware never censors anyone, even the resident Bot and troll that he has replaced are allowed to fulminate with no interference.

    I have to echo the comments made by the numerous excellent and incisive commentators here. Murphy is the most widely read ‘economics’ blogger in the Uk – still (I don’t think CoppolaComment is up there yet) and although most people with any knowledge of economics can obviously pick holes in his bizarre hypotheses you can’t do it on his blog or indeed on Twitter as he blocks any countervailing opinion. I am sure you are aware of the quote ‘All that is required for the triumph of evil’ but that tells you why Tim performs a vital service.

    He does not directly quote from TRUK in order to minimise Murphy’s exposure and reduce his traffic numbers.

  25. @meiac

    Why the living fuck is anyone anywhere?

    Well, because everyone has to be somewhere, you moronic tool. But why be here specifically, given that it is somewhere that – based on the shite that dribbled out of your own fingertips, and to which I was responding – you don’t want to be?

    I can think only of three explanations.

    1. You’re in the pay of Murphy.
    2. You are Murphy.
    3. Worstall has you chained up in his cellar like a gimp, forcing you to comment for the funs.

  26. V_P

    Not sure why everyone is so touchy about this. I don’t give a shit about Tax Research UK. It sounds dull, I briefly confirmed it’s an actual thing and to see how many comments: far less than I expected considering the blanket coverage here, and, important I think, I’m not inclined to overblown statism.

    But evil? I read a lot of MSM and he’s certainly not a fixture. More high profile than TW because TW’s opinions are obviously outré, bit surprised he contributes to Radio Sputnik, but hey, need dollar.

    Also, Henry, why do you care if I poke the gorgeous Estate Agent worshiping, HRH Overlord Ecks?

    I find Sean “Comical Ali” Spicer more dangerous – the difference being Comedy Al has real power whereas Murphy’s just this guy, y’know.

    Funny how no fails from Trump etc ever make it here. It’s almost like it’s as controlled as TRUK.

    Libertarian my arse. And it is, baby.

    And what’s more, why have people got such a problem with moderation on their blogs? It’s how things work, his rules etc. Couldn’t give a fuck.



  27. “bit surprised he contributes to Radio Sputnik, but hey, need dollar.”

    Sputnik doesn’t pay. also v boring which is why I don’t do it any more.

  28. Interested, ha ha.

    Not sure what the fuck you are on about, but you’re a weedy SEA-Ecks. It’s almost like there’s something worrying you under your bed.

    I’ve already explained a few days back why I’m here. I saw some intelligent words (and Christ, Forbes makes it difficult) and I googled. But instead of intelligent words, I find obsessive children.

    Are you not able to accept that?

    And now I’m here and I’m lazy, I’ll stay if it’s that’s ok, Lord.

  29. Submitting? Err, I’ve been on their radio station a couple of times. Not sure I’ve ever written anything directly for them. Mebbe, but don’t recall doing so.

  30. TW. My mistake probably, I just noticed a couple of “Timmy Elsewhere” posts which may have been transcripts.

  31. This thread is a one man show for the nutcase isn’t it.

    Meiac is on here because he hates somebody my writings remind him of.

    His “opinions” are flat out weird because he is merely talking to give the impression he has some. As he said he couldn’t give a shite about Murphy–or anything on here. Except having a feeble go at me–or whoever I represent in his twisted reality. As for him being a leftist–he doesn’t have the minimum of warped brainpower that even that requires. He is on here to conduct a proxy war with someone I represent in his piss-stream of consciousness.

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